4 thoughts on “The Who – Who Are You?

  1. I would realy want to know who are ya`l actually believe it or not. to know who I am deal`n with 😉

  2. Whew, I was afraid Pete would trash that LesPaul (same as mine) at the end 🙂 Glad he didn’t 🙂 Loudest band back in the day 🙂 Good one Digger 😉

    1. Yes ThankYou LesPaulPlayer tee hee hee , Yea those were the days comeing back now as we all can see

  3. One of my top 3 favorite concerts was the first time I saw them, the year before Keith Moon died. Best laser light show ever!

    The second time was on their “The Kids Are Alright” tour, at the Coliseum in L.A. Daltry’s voice was hoarse and cracking, not so great.

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