11 thoughts on “The Word From the Trenches Live Broadcast 4-5-23

  1. ” The Truth Shall Set You Free ” Thank you Henry for all you do conveying the Truth to the Real Sovereigns of this Land !!

  2. A quick report on how they are attacking the Bill of Rights with their milk toast sovereignty websites! They tell you everything about what being a “sovereign” is all about, while at the same time, they tell you “rights are granted by a higher authority, and that all laws written by men are legal statutes.” They poison the well by promoting the idea that if rights are written down on paper, it means men grant us our rights! This is how they divert attention away from the Bill of Rights! They pounce on the word, “rights” and tell us we have never had rights. All we are born with is freedoms, not rights!

    I am seeing all kinds of milk toast propaganda, where Americans are claiming to be free, card-carrying, sovereign nationals who paid money to unregister from the system, and when they get pulled over by the cops, they show their card and the cops leave them alone. Nowhere, anywhere in their promotions do they ever mention the Bill of Rights! So, there is a growing number of free, card-carrying, sovereign nationals, but no Bill of Rights to be seen anywhere! … but here, at the Trenches.

      1. Yep. You’re right! The people are looking for something they will never have as long as they are completely ignoring the American Bill of Rights. This guy whose videos I watched, said almost all the right things about individual sovereignty, but then, here comes the failed idea of a constitution to trap all those who thought they were sovereign individuals into the exact same kind of thing that violated the first and best sovereignty law ever written by autonomous men who already knew what Constitutionalists were, and are, really up to. All we need is the law, which already exists, and for the people to enforce it.

        1. Well, we have “The Imperium Project” which is a global sovereignty group led by a Canadian guy who is the one who said we are not born with “rights.” He obviously has never read the American Bill of Rights. The other group is a sovereign assembly group, “California Assembly”. This group tells you all about the different jurisdictions including the Queen and the Vatican and how they are holding their wealth in “trust”. Nothing about the Khazarian mafia, the international corporate mafia or the fact that the only document any card carrying American national needs to print off, is the Bill of Rights with the 2nd and 9th Articles boldly highlighted. The thing is, they think they’re shifting the monkey off their back, but really, they are letting it get away, Scot free, with the genuine American nationals left with the task of doing the shooting and the hanging to rid the world of these predatory parasites for good. Their state assembly numbers are growing with the false sense of security, that they are free of the tyranny of the past 3 years because they un-did the contracts they never signed, with the queen and the pope, etc. They think they will be given their wealth back because they claimed ownership. What a happy, milk toasty, goose-bumpy boat load of ignorant fools! Oh, and they also mentioned, they have “common law attorneys!”

          Finally, regarding laws written on paper, someone out there is misleading people who I know, in particular, a Canadian childhood friend, who is promoting the legal statute written on paper thing which blocks all understanding of the BOR! They are joining the “sovereignty” movement. I mentioned the BOR and he chose to ignore it because in his ignorance, he believes it is a “legal statute written on paper.” Man, that reply pissed me off!

          1. When I said “card carrying national” in the comment above, I meant it to be sarcastic, and for the only “card”, if you even need one, to be the American Bill of Rights alone.

  3. Wow, I can finally hear your broadcast, Henry. I hope you are feeling better. I missed you, brother!

  4. There should be a few million men listening since this is all about our Bill of Rights. Where is everyone?

  5. Tried to download 4/5/2023 broadcast Bill of Rights and it asked me to log in, never seen that before. I don’t think its from your end. Someone is f!@king with this sight again. Can’t download the broadcast, i guess these f!@kers don’t want this broadcast to go out.

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