4 thoughts on “Their BAAAaaack!!!

    1. hi Katie. about a week ago my lips swelled up for several days, and they now feel like they are burnt. I’m into the second week of this. started out with a sore in the corner of my mouth. I have feeling the trails have a lot to do with it. Never had anything like this happen to me before. Haven’t wasted my time going to a white coat. Don’t have the money for all their useless tests. 🙁

  1. im in colorado north part, skies filled daily. yesterday they started in the aft tho usually all day. my friends hsbnd is a pilot and she refuses to believe in chemtrails, are pilots blinded???? I see Hals comment, mom is in W SD and when i have been there dont recall seeing anything but forever sky. Aircrap.org and Geoweatherengineering.org are excellent sites

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