5 thoughts on “Their House of Cards is Tumbling Down

  1. So here we have a member of European Parliament saying such outrageous things like:

    “It was never, never ever, about Public Health. It was never about breaking any waves. It was always about breaking PEOPLE!! But… they failed; it didn’t work.”

    Then she was actually applauded!! How long will she live?

    What is happening?!! When so-called “Officialdom” is popping out of the box… Is there more behind this than just a few brave whistle-blowers?

    Side note… I’ve yet to have any friend or family member come to me and say, “Wow, I made a terrible, terrible mistake,” but I certainly am expecting to.


    1. And we know ALL politicians serve an Evil System. Did she slip in under the radar? Is she being used in support of some other anti-humanity agenda so they need to keep her around? For me, this is one to watch.

      And when the hell will that “House-of-Cards” finally collapse? Thousands of years is waaaay too long. Cards are meant for playin’ Poker and other games that don’t kill innocent people.


      1. I don’t trust ANY politician & especially EU ones. This seems to me to be the age-old perfect setup method to use scapegoats that the public will vent at while they ramp sh*t up behind the scenes & create new heroes to follow & worship within THEIR political organizations. Let’s face it – people are so starved of real victories that they’ll quickly grab at any little crumbs & call it a win! Look at the praise for her in the comments. Where are the comments saying just disband the EU, dissolve ALL governments, punish the guilty parasites with DEATH & give the power back to the individuals? You’ll NEVER see that as long as they control nearly ALL media & the people behind & in front of the cameras. Not being a defeatist at all here but let’s be real – people need to stop clutching at straws by looking up to yet more “representatives” like this woman & instead state clearly exactly what they want to see happen within time frames & then go TAKE what they want completely sidestepping these phony unlawful “authority” figures, by force if necessary. I have never given ANY of them my personal permission to act on my behalf & I NEVER will! They have ZERO authority over EVERY individual in this world & it is time that every individual now realizes this AND acts upon it!

        1. Very true. Yet I still hope this stirs up a lot of outrage and rebellion from those who took the bio-weapon. No Trenchers trust politicians but we study their moves. And onto that I’d add the hope that their plans backfire on them. I think they’re getting stupider and stupider while the people are getting smarter and smarter. In us, they are starting to recognize a veritable and viable opponent so they up their insane tactics. This is the time we actually get the upper hand, wipe them out and begin picking up the pieces and starting to live free. I think we can do it.


          1. Yes, we can! And yes, they are getting stupider and stupider, what with the plans within plans they keep coming up with expecting different results, and yes, we the people are getting smarter (plus I know several who regret getting those bogus “vaccines”…hopefully, they’ll recover.) As for the ones who still buy into the “vaccine” garbage… hmmmm… will they even live to tell about it? Another goof of the criminal psycho elites: those who took the shots who they thought would be their slaves will be eugenicided if you know what I mean… Good “shot” elites! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!)

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