14 thoughts on “They are at it again

  1. Hi, Paul! We had the same thing
    here in Central Florida for several
    days, and last evening we had
    a terrible thunderstorm, very
    unusual for this time of the year.

    They just won’t leave us alone.

    1. Southern area of Florida got 2 feet of rain in 24 hours, with flooding. I think I got that bit of news correct.

    2. That’s interesting 1911. they like to work the skies just before rain. but no rain is predicted in this area for a day or so. strange. Later there was a grid pattern too.

  2. Huh, I haven`t seen any jet at all for over a week now here in west central W.. The most I have seen was a few private small airplanes out for a joy ride. That is good for me I guess eh. 🙂

  3. Huh, good for me ya know becasue I haven`t seen any jets at all in the last week here in west central Wi. . And I am directly under the airline highway. The most I have seen was a privately own small cessna type private plane.

        1. yea hey!! if i want to breath something into my body I will make that choice. I don’t need them spraying me like a bug. the thing is this has been going on for at least 20 years as I understand it. Have read a little about morgellons (spelling) which some say is a direct result of this aerosol spraying attack on us, and others around the world.

  4. Sorry, off topic again. I should change my screename here to “offtopic”..:-) but its sunday, and I am kinda tired of hearing all the news. This is a Robin Trower song for Sunday.
    We were laughing in a daydream
    With the world beneath our feet
    And the sun smiled on the water
    Where the skies and the ocean meet

    We was a spellbound
    Ohh spellbound

    We were listening down on the rainbow
    As the leaves fell to the ground
    Whispering as they tumble
    And the wind laughed at the sound

    We were spellbound
    Ohh spellbound

    We were spellbound
    Ohh spellbound

    We were children in a garden
    Where the flowers kiss the sky
    And the birds sang out in wonder
    As the day went sailing by

    We were spellbound
    Ohh spellbound
    Ohh spellbound

  5. More chemtrailing in other states today, I see.

    Yet, millions more people are completely oblivious to it.

    Just like going to the dog park today in Dallas, TX and it was a clear blue sky all morning for miles in all direction. In comes 4 chemtrail planes and within 30 minutes, clouds covered the entire sky and everyone wondered where the clouds and the wind came from all of a sudden.

    Gee……it’s not rocket science. Just look up. Duh!

    Yet, they still give you that zombie look like you’re the crazy one. That’s Dallas for ya, I guess. Not known to be bright.

    1. aw hey NC those kind of people are all over the place. i know what you mean when you say they look at you in a zombie way. haha

    1. very intermittent in this area. sometimes we go days, and sometimes weeks without trails. then all of a sudden they are up and running again.

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