They Say they Want our Guns, Let us Give them their Answer

The communists are coming out of the woodwork asserting their contempt for our Constitution, especially our Bill of Rights, and even more especially our 2nd Amendment which is our ultimate safeguard against tyranny.  They know they cannot enslave us as long as we are armed.  They know they do not have what it takes to confiscate our guns.  Thus, the false flags we are seeing, one right after another.

And wasn’t it convenient how this hearing for Jared Lee Laughner, the Tucson, Arizona false flag shooter, came up at this ideal moment so his face could be added with James Holmes’ and Wade Michael Page’s?  These are acts of pure desperation, formulated by the US CIA and Israeli Mossad.

The majority of the American people of the American race are awake and understand the danger we are facing.  These latest false flags are not meant to change American minds, but rather to push through unconstitutional legislation to be immediately followed by the UN Small Arms Treaty, which will support them verbatim.

You see, the insurgents realize that they are not going to be able to turn us against one another, nor our military against we the people.  I believe this is a clear sign that the intent is to bring foreign troops under the UN for the attempt at gun confiscation.  More than likely, directly following an attack on Iran to engage our military forces in the Middle East, as our enemies know our military will stand with we the people, as they are us.

This is a desperate plan and is doomed to failure.  I’ve said it before, I will say it again.  We must meet the first onslaught with brutality at every instance.  The harder we hit back right out the gate, the lesser our casualties will be.  Once the confiscations begin no matter where in the US, resistance must materialize across our nation and across the board.

We know who is who in the zoo and we are in the right.  These international socialists intend to enslave us and leave us at the mercy of our own technology.  What we have created we can destroy…and will.  Let them take us to task and we will not only destroy them nationally, but internationally, not allowing one to escape.

They have asked for it.  They have it coming.  And it is not only our right, but our duty to put them down as the low down misery making rabid dogs they are.  Stand your ground, don’t give an inch.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

22 thoughts on “They Say they Want our Guns, Let us Give them their Answer

  1. Right as usual, Henry. Much of what is in this article was in a conversation I had with two guys at Starbucks last night. For more about that, read my comment to diggerdan on the Hillaryious bees article.

    People are FINALLY starting to wake up.

  2. When they stack on your door just start firing right through the door and wall and use the chaos to your advantage don’t even give them time to breach. There will be no negotiating with any of them. Their orders will be to kill all resisters.

    That being said, they can have my weapons starting with my ammo… ONE ROUND AT A TIME.

    I know it’s going to be hell when this starts but why make us wait, they should just get the party started. Those steel core rounds I have are just itching for some blue helmet.

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    Mr. Shivley’s contentions are quite correct.

    These events are planned, paid for, and executed by the CIA, the Mossad, and lets not forget the FBI, DOJ and other criminal agencies of the Fed Gov’t taking their orders from their paymasters in the Shadow Gov’t.

    They will contrive more horrendous acts in attempt to generate fear-induced legislations to disarm Americans.

    As this has been failing, but are clearly committed to this path, they will now,.. up the ante.

    You can be 100% sure there are other villinous acts just around the corner, including, but not limited to:

    – Addititional shooting incidences of mass casualties.

    – Bio weapons

    – nuclear

    – explosives

    – some combination of the above

    Between the upcoming US Presidential Election and the Israeli elections, we are now in what is politically called,.. “The Sweet Spot”

    This is where engineered events of a catastrophic nature occur to produce a Sieze-and-Grab, &/or Show Quality Distraction opportunities.

    Get ready,… there is another event coming, created by the same minds that brought you 9/11, Oklahoma City, James Holmes, Wade Page, the current Syrian Atrocities, and so forth.

    They are going “All-In”,… exactly what that means, I’m not sure, but their growing desperation is our signal of what is to come.

    I pray we can save the Republic.

    JD – US Marines – Stay frosty,.. and sharpen your blade,… I think the real party is about to start.

  4. Notice how all of these shooters are about the same type, age and race? This shit has Mossad written all over it. Bloody f*&$cking obvious isn’t it? The CIA is getting damn sloppy, my pet goldfish could figure this one out.

  5. Amen brother. We are ready, and we would rather die than be slaves to this New World Order mafia. We will hunt them down like dogs and we will take no prisoners. See you downrange…

  6. Henry, I wish I had as much passion as you do in your articles. You’d give Spartacus a run for his money with your words. lol

    “The harder we hit back right out the gate, the lesser our casualties will be.”

    Absolutely agree, buddy.

    1. yep NC “Flippin` burgers for my boss and he is just 18”. Pretty much says it all doesn`t it . I`m not much into country music but this a good one. Oh Yea – I do listen to country once in an while though.

      1. HAHA!! We both must think alike because that is exactly the same line I was thinking of, too after watching this video. I look at the jobs I apply to and always think to myself with most of these jobs that the manager is younger than I am. Whether it be a good job or a bad one. Like 18. It’s pathetic. So that part hit the nail on the head for me.

        1. A fair bet that we do NC. Ya know NC it makes a guy feel real good to have to apply to a low paying job and then be made to beg for it to a young un. No offence to the youngsters ar anything but geez ya know. Keep smiling . It`s about all we can do for now with out taking up arms.

  7. As one so aptly said, “This dance of swords” is just letting us know their intentions.
    They can send anyone they like, but the American Patriot is a natural survivor, and hunter.
    When Americas enemies make that next big mistake, it’s all down hill from there, for us.
    As we travel down the hill, we’ll pick up speed and roll them over.
    There will be NO where they’ll be able to hide.
    Sure they might have a “few” safe areas, for a while …..
    But will they really be safe?
    The world thinks the N.V.A. of Viet Nam, and the resistance of WWII were tough.
    They haven’t met the American Patriot …YET!
    Americas enemies will be dropped like flies with every opportunity,
    At every turn in the road….
    And at every place they seek to terrorize.
    They’ll become the terrorized.
    We will not stop until EVERY ONE of them are gone.
    No matter how long it takes.
    We know who they are by their actions.

  8. The NWO elitist depend on our fears as a means of our slavery…in other words they think we too dayum scared to stand up. Im an older vet as my name says…lost my great paying job several years back. Sold my stuff and we moved to the country,..raise most our own food and chickens for meat. We live a very modest subsistence now. Kids are all grown…none of them have a decent job these days…cut backs and downsizeing and all…
    I served this nation and its people…not the fu*king US GOVT!!
    I try to have lived my life at peace with all who wanted the same..worked hard…obeyed the law….minded my own bis.
    Well the limit to my meek and peacefull life has run its course. Im not a dayum slave or a doormat. Do I fear armed revolution?..any sane person would. However I will no longer allow others to run shod over me anymore….FEAR no longer controls me…..I am a Native American and a proud sunofabeyatch..who has had enough……Come get my God-dang shit if you think its a good day to die….your sorry treasonous bones ,or your foreign worthless a*s will rot here in the fields of blood you have chosen to die upon. May the GOD of all Glory have mercy on you….I WILL NOT.

    1. I can relate oldvet. I’m one too. When I got back from Nam in ’71 I knew something was wrong, just couldn’t put my finger on it for another 20yrs. Something kept eating at me. I read the “Unseen Hand” by Epperson 20yrs ago. It became clear, our country had been under fire from its inception. As I got older, I began to wonder what was my real purpose. It is now crystal clear. There was a reason I was drafted into the Army(didn’t understand at the time). It was to defend my nation from those who would destroy it. That oath we took described enemies “foreign and domestic”. I take that to heart more now than ever. For the vets out there, your country needs you again. God Bless

      1. robertsgt40,…We are legion as they say. yes half of us are now “older”…yet we are those who bore the brunt of the smoke fire and brutality…do they think we all now push daisy’s in the field of flounders?

        TSk TSk…such fools they then become…for they have alienated each of us yet trained us to take their very life’s blood from them.

        Here is the paradigm shift, their elitist attitudes of grandeur….they forgot that the HOUSE GUARDS they TRAINED…are still by the door!

        We have not…nor shall we slip quietly into the dark…well that is until we have slit each and every one of their throats for the treason they hold dear…

        And even as of late, of the mind that LEO’s are in the same boat!!!…oh,..and I have kinfolk whom are in the US military and some who are Law Officers to boot… I say this without reservation……..

  9. There are already groups in my county that say if confiscation starts, the confiscators will be hunted like coyotes and given treason’s punishment for treason’s actions.

  10. oldvet, it sounds like you and JD have a lot in common. He posted as U.S. Marines Defending America on this article, but sometimes it’s U.S. Marines Fighting Tyranny.

  11. Hearing JD, Oldvet, AmericanNative and robertsgt40 talk on here is music to my ears and makes me proud to be an American Patriot! Amen!

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