7 thoughts on “They signed over our sovereignty! This patriot is ready for trouble

  1. Maybe “they” signed over your sovereignty but they sure as fck don’t have the authority over mine.
    Glad he’s at least understands a fight is coming but I wonder if they know what needs to be restored?

    1. At this point I’ll take it. Only so much you can say in a Tik Tok video that short & what he did right there was just concisely & straightforwardly voice the basic sentiment of a LOT of people, not just in the US but around the world!

    2. Amen, Misty. They can’t take what can’t be taken. We were born with it. And yes, this man has his heart in the right place. Hope he finds The Trenches to get really right.


  2. My wife recently signed me up on TicToc so she could send me funny shit she sees on there
    What I have found there , are a bunch of pissed off people that are finally waking up to the ass raping we are all taking by these ZOG motherfckers , I just hope it’s finally getting out to the ones that need the wake up call

    1. Maybe you can use the opportunity to put little vids on there, maybe even just some big bold signs or posters, that say something like –

      “To ALL you patriots who are pissed off & ready to remove the tyrants, remember what ties us ALL together AND what you’re really fighting for – the Bill of Rights is the foundation that everything is built on!” etc, etc, etc… 😉

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