6 thoughts on “They were busy yesterday

  1. The rarest days in L.A. were those without ANY chemtrails at all. Haven’t seen any of those days here yet, although it’s either overcast or raining a lot of the time. Even so, I’ve seen chemtrails through breaks in the clouds.

    1. Several months back during the day I saw an orb like object darting in, out, and up an expanded chemtrail.
      Just know there are objects hovering, hiding, flying, and floating most don’t even notice.
      I also saw what i later learned was a predator stealth drone. As soon as i stepped out the door, looked up at it, and out loud said to myself, is that even a plane. That’s when the lights or flashes started. Never seen that before from any plane. And as soon as it passed right over me the flashes stopped. I found myself saying, you mother effers. I took it personal.
      Like i said, ive seen some things and know some of these objects can listen in on your conversation. This very thing actually happened but at night. Weirder still is what i had just said to my friend and no sooner had i said it, out comes this flying metallic looking object. no lights, no sound, as if trying to get away undetected. If it wasn’t for quick thinking, my friend wouldn’t have seen it and thought i was nuts.
      These artificial clouds have many uses and help hide these objects.
      I’m using a cell phone to relay all this. Otherwise, i’d tell you more.
      I’m done for now.

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