7 thoughts on “They were hard at it yesterday.

  1. That’s not even that heavy a dose of the stuff, Paul, but they will continue, and get worse.

    The chemtrail sickness will be used to determine that someone has “Ebola symptoms”, and allow them to be quarantined.

    I don’t think I have to remind anyone that if you’re “quarantined for Ebola symptoms”, you’ll never see the light of day again, because this has absolutely nothing to do with Ebola. (which I still don’t believe has even arrived in the US)

    You’ll be protesting in handcuffs, insisting that you’re perfectly healthy, and they’ll give you an injection that “will help you relax.” R.I.P. after that.

  2. They were busy spraying down here in south La. yesterday & back @ it again today . I`ve seen spraying so heavy here that when the plane passed under the sun the trail would form a column shaped shadow . I have seen this twice in the passed 6 months .

      1. What region/state are you located Paul.

        Saw one Sunday (in N Nevada), was at the park with the pup, and watched it for a moment as there was no trail then a trail It went for about “2 feet” in the sky (however far that is in distance :/ ) then turned off, the same put put of a few brief spittles of “chemtrail goodness” came out then nothing as it flew away – it looked near identical to the 4th pick down.

        I check the weather channel ‘Pacific Satalitte” pics in mottion daily. No clouds but the sky is covered in the ‘trails’ once they have lingered and spread out.

        Also noticed the huge gap over the coast off the Pacific, like a high pressure area (but not so naturally occurring).


        thanks for the pics!

  3. They were heavily spraying the western slopes of the Cascades all day 10/7/14. Are they trying to contaminate glaciers?! High pressure (haarp induced) forced all chemtrails to cover the eastern farmland and water source glaciers with their crap. Off-shore spraying drifts in as partly streaked-out wispy fake clouds crisscrossing but not precipitating. Satellite images show the obvious wave-like clouds appearing all around the high pressure anvil sitting over the west coast. Laying down heavy blankets and then squeezing with the haarp and directing moisture north to become thunderstorm fodder.
    How are we supposed to support the very entities who spray us like bugs? I ain’t-a-gonna do it anymore.

  4. Washington state has got to be the worste. We get the crap blowing in off the Pacific and we get sprayed daily AND we have “fake” brown fog almost every day now, very thick in the mornings (even on many summer days). If there is blue sky it’s more of a gray and there are often blackish clouds and brownish clouds that swell up separate from the whiter clouds and they all float around in separate blobs. Still most people are too stupid to notice. The leaves on many trees turn black instead of pretty autumn colors and several of the ferns in my yard are black as well. The starlings are GONE completely. No autumn starling flocks anymore. They’re dead. Happy autumn!

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