They’re building a concrete wall around the White House… Here’s the video…

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Nothing in the press about this build — Still trying to gather information

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8 thoughts on “They’re building a concrete wall around the White House… Here’s the video…

  1. We watch all their moves that attempt to keep us down. Today Hillary is resurfacing, a promise of “democracy” covering a communistic agenda. What other macabre characters will they march out in their pitiful tries to uphold the poison lies?

    Hmmm.. Nobody asked me about this construction: A wall being built around what is supposedly The Peoples’ House. Can they shield themselves from the sick planet they are orchestrating? Sickness and struggle. Poison from the sky. Poison from the jab. Poison from the tv and the tv lies. Poison from the newspapers. Poison from the so-called scientists. Poison, and they build a wall to protect themselves but they cannot shield themselves from us.

    If only it was to keep all the bad guys in. There’s only a few hundred of them muckin’ up the planet. Let ’em whither in there and let the free people of the world transform our reality back into BEAUTIFUL FREEDOM.


    1. Yeah I heard a new one the other day out of one of their stupid mouths
      How’s this ?

      A “Constitutional Democracy “
      I about fell off my chair laughing at that one

      1. Ha!! They attempt to define us and they don’t even know how to define themselves. Why don’t they just say they’re a Satanic Dictatorship? That defines it a little better.


  2. Wow…..What an abomination.

    So the king can build a wall in front of his house but the border gets no wall. I see how it is. I remember when the White House was free for people to go in and out of as it belong to the people. Now it’s just a f#@king fortress.

    Like Galen said, I wasn’t asked whether I wanted a wall around the White House? No vote for the people on things that really matter. I guess we only get to vote on minor things like whether we get grade A or grade B food for school lunches for our kids.

    Absolutely disgusting.

  3. All the commie fortresses have concrete walls. Vatican, Buckingham Palace, Zucherberg in Hawaii, not sure about Elon Musk. Hey patriots….take down that wall.

  4. Here’s a great song from Anais Mitchell’s 2010 Broadway production & album called “Hadestown” that seems all the more fitting now –

  5. If you can’t see in
    Than so much about transparency

    Thought the glass was all BP ?
    So it can’t be about blocking a shot from the street level

    There is something very nefarious about this action on their part
    We want answers.. but will just get lies

  6. “We are working on the fountain.”
    Yeah, because everyone does spring gardening / fountain projects in the middle of winter. They actually expect people to believe this BS?

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