3 thoughts on “Think While It’s Still Legal

  1. One day I want to feed an apple to a deer. But TODAY, I want to hear 7 Billions mouths repeat his words.


    1. Although this man may or may not belong to any of the Canadian freedom groups who have drawn “the line” against opression, or who “just say no”, or who “stand on guard for thee”, or who say “stand up Canada”, or who call themselves “Veterans for Freedom”, “Freedom Truckers”, “Freedom Farmers”, or who belong to the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, or who say “Freedom is Essential” as they teach the people how to navigate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which its last surviving author said, was based on the American Bill of Rights, here, from the Trenches, I would tell this Shark Week patriot and all the others this one important thing. Go to the source. Take up your position on that firing line and enforce that law that makes you free. If our Canadian freedom law is based on the American Bill of Rights, 1791, get to learning it, get to teaching it, stand where those men who fought, bled and died, made it available to you today, and enforce it! A feeding frenzy from the bottom up seems like a great start in tearing the tyrant to shreds after he gets booted off the bow of the ship of fools, but………..

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