This 83-Year-Old Decided to Stash 42 Buses Underground

Direct Expose – by Michael Berdy

An elderly man guards a North American mystery. Decades ago, he fled across the border from his home, and began to amass a collection of old school buses. Acting mostly alone, and fed by impulse and fear, he said he needed them on account of their reinforced steel roofs — and he began to dig. In a massive pit in the ground, he began to form a mysterious labyrinth that few have ever been able to see. But this is no mere hoarder. So why did he take on this colossal project, and what is he hiding inside? Read on to find out what exactly Bruce Beach is up to.  

1. Canadian Oddity

Somewhere beneath the snows of a rural part of Ontario, Canada, an 83-year-old man has created one of the most elaborate and bizarre structures in North America. He’s acting purely on a vision, and out of a sense of purpose — and fear.

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5 thoughts on “This 83-Year-Old Decided to Stash 42 Buses Underground

  1. “…imagine growing up in that environment!”
    I think it’d be cool, one of the best upbringings this old fart might think of. Them kids are far smarter, just by exposure to truth, than the average Joe Sixpack.

  2. Seen him on doomsday preppers. He was nutty. Kept going on and on about saving the children. All children admitted but adults will be screened for disease and if they get out of line they will be excommunicated. The children have their own sleeping area and adults are segregated by gender.
    Its been a few years but i remember him giving me the creepy vibe of a pedo.

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