9 thoughts on “This is from a protest in New York. So much truth here.

  1. How can they hold back this tide of awakening? They can’t. Too big.

    To hear her speak is to hear, “We’re winning!! We have work to do, but we’re winning!!”

    Just my ears, but that’s how I hear it.


  2. She’s an attorney who sounds like she wants to run for office. While what she says is true, I’m still skeptical as to her future intentions.

    1. Too bad. She showed such promise. Admiralty entrapment ever lurking. Not too late for her to chose another path, one can only hope.


    2. The repetitive truth, no matter what its source, destroys the repetitive lie.
      If she runs for office, I’ll call her out for a traitor, but as long as she is screaming the truth I’ve not a thing against her.

      1. Yep, she pretty much said all the right things in this short snippet. If that’s all most people took away from that protest then they took away the right message to form their ideas of what to do next! If people like this woman use this message for self-promotion & continue to support established mainstream institutions of “legality”, etc rather then anything real THEN they should be dealt with swiftly but so far so good imo. The snowball has started rolling down the hill…

  3. Being on the streets of this city, I hear more people coming to the truth. I gotta say I’m very surprised. But maybe there’s hope for new York after all. I’ll be here, eyes and ears open.

  4. Love what she says about getting the children out of public schools (since I used to teach in secondary schools, then home schooled my kids). I would never ever teach in public schools again since they have destroyed the truth. Proof? THEY DESTROYED MATHEMATICS! (I taught secondary math including calculus) Why did I teach math? Because MATH IS TRUTH! Until “common core” that is…now it’s as irrational as the square root of two!

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