This Is How Ukrainian Protesters Attack An Armored Personnel Carrier

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Watch as sparks fly between a Ukrainian military APC, possibly the same one we revealed earlier, as it gets into some blazingly close encounters with the Kiev protesters. It is unclear who won however it is quite clear that at this point the proxy war in Ukraine between Russia/Gazprom and the European Union/US State Dept/Saudi/Qatar can be upgraded to “hot.”

And the death and injury toll, which is rising by the hour:

  • 6 policemen dead
  • 6 protestors dead
  • Police HQ in Ternopli on fire
  • Police HQ in Lviv occupied
  • More than 150 injuries

Finally this:


In short: things have spiraled out of control, and the only possible outcome is another new all time high in the Spoos overnight.

20 thoughts on “This Is How Ukrainian Protesters Attack An Armored Personnel Carrier

  1. and ya think they might be really pissed? get me some of those guys with balls..get me 2 million men who refuse to submit to lies and bullshit..we march to that vermin infected place called wash my ass-dc..and we clean the place up..once and for all.. im 18 and I cant figure it out..

  2. My Fellow Patriots:

    The first 5 seconds of this video tells the whole story,….

    This is the Achilles heel of all “state of the art” equipment, including APC’s, Tanks, MRAP’s, and the like,… FIRE!

    Although some of them are even capable of withstanding a little bit of exposure,… anything more than about 1 minute of intense heat (as seen applied in this video via Malatov Cocktails),… and the vehicle starts to burn itself.

    At that point,.. game over for vehicle.

    Clearly,… a VERY effective tactic!,… A $50,000 APC defeated by $5 – $6 worth of gasoline, served in some recycled bottles!

    Beautiful,… just beautiful.

    JD – US Marines – Always start with the most low-tech, easily procured and assembled devices to take on the Enemy-force-In-Occupation’s techincal edge.

  3. Once again, police and military in the video without guns. Even B grade movies remember the gun props.

    We’re being played again.

    1. Hi Enbe,

      Entirely possible.

      Its also possible this may be the standard gear for their “riot” police.

      I don’t know,.. I don’t know what their SOP is for dealing with protestors,… here in America of course they now send in the goon squad fully loaded like they are entering a foreign war zone (after all, the US Gov’t and its agencies ARE the terrorists,.. and view us Americans AS the enemy),… but that is still not necassarily true for other countries,.. even the Ukraine.

      I suspect they sent in the these “intimidators”,.. not expecting the instant backlash that is observed. Perhaps the next round will involved more brutual methods,.. more heavily armed Dragoons.

      Guess we will see shortly, as this is clearly not a settled issue.


  4. It seems to me that there is something missing… If the protestors were to get serious, say with some 2 yard long slingshots or possibly a small catapult loaded with sticky balls (gasoline/diesel) mixed with Styrofoam in quart sized mason jars, they could really cause some urban smoke.
    Gas and Styrofoam and maybe a little liquid soap dont run, justs sticks to whatever it hits and burns..and burns.. and burns..
    Anyone inside those apc’s WILL come out and long before the mix burns itself out…. voila…a target rich scenario…

    1. Roger that Sticky Balls,

      Good “ol fashion” receipe from mom’s kitchen,… gotta love it!


  5. I hope you know these protestors are the ones that were stirred up by our CIA or alike to keep the county leaning toward the EU which is not good for them better to aline with Russia. The EU will take all they have just like they did in the nations that joined them. For the people this would not be good. In this case their government is correct and the protestors are wrong. Do the research. This all began when Russia made the offer to help them.

    1. Hi GrinNBarrett,

      Yes,… I have mentioned this on the our show, “From The Trenches” from day 1,.. which is that these “protestors” are in fact paid for provocateurs via George Soro’s front organizations (NGO’s), like Democracy Now!

      Soros and his pyscho-path friends are miffed that the President of the Ukraine did NOT want to join the EU to allow them to indebt the Ukraine, then steal all their wealth and property like they did to Greece and almost every other EU country.

      The CIA is most likely involved, but this, at the time being seems to be a IMF,WB, Soro’s operation. I suspect the CIA’s involvment will be noticable when they rachet up the methods (car bombs, assassinations, etc).

      The “protestors” in this case are really nothing more than locals, making a few bucks by selling their country out,…. much like our entire US Congress and Exective Branch.

      JD – US Marines – This is only the beggining of troubles for the Ukraine,… welcome to the Machine Ukraine.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Right you are.

      Save all the old oil from your car/truck oil changes.

      You may have a chance to “recycle” it in the near future.


      1. Wouldn’t oil dilute the gasoline? I know that oil is a petroleum product but its flash point is far below gas or kerosene. (e.g. like diluting gasoline with oil to burn in a 2-stroke engine.) Or, does motor oil extend the burn time of the cocktail?

        1. I meant to say that the flash point of motor oil is “above” that of gasoline or kerosene. I need another cup of coffee.

  6. More stage productions.

    Notice at the 19 second mark, that cop walking towards the camera looks and even walks an awful lot like the cop in another video posted on here about a month ago (can’t find the posting) who was at another Ukrainian riot like this one and almost got on fire. Seems like they are using the same actors.

    And what APC would go into a crowd of people without firing a single shot the moment they see someone throwing something? And where are the guns for the police? Why are they not shooting at the protesters?

    It’s all bullshit. A staged performance.

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