7 thoughts on “This is How your Cell phone Secretly takes pictures and videos of you

  1. Interesting. I have a cheep Motorola razor.. ancient old. Pull the battery every night, or when not needed.

  2. My ancient (6yo) phone still works great; however, within the past 2 months I have noticed a new “incompatibility” it has with iphones (or that type of phone) that it never had before. I presume this is to get me frustrated so I give up and get a smartphone. The phone continues to work great when communicating with other “old” phones.

    Has anyone else noticed this type of issue?

    1. I have an old flip phone, but it still connects to all the newer phones, EE.

      Maybe your carrier? I have Verizon. Excellent coverage pretty much everywhere.

      1. That’s all I use is an old flip phone. You couldn’t give me a “smartphone” that I would use. On my computer, I use this high tech method of duct tape over my camera and a “dummy” input plug into my audio. Those methods would be slightly cumbersome on your phone.

  3. when the balloon goes up..or maybe before it,, my cell phone is going to get packed in hamburger and fed to a pack of hungry wolfs

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