10 thoughts on “THIS IS TEACHING YOUR KIDS (2022)

  1. Geez Deon, pretty hard to take, and I only skimmed. Got me thinking about the comments lately and how frequently I see the word “insane” popping up. And I can’t find a heavier word for this than ‘insane.’ But I know it brings up a kind of terror in me, in terms of what the youth have been served. And I see it escalating. Our most beautiful children are being corrupted, mentally, morally, and PHYSICALLY. They are becoming ugly and shallow and self-centered. I know my family and many families are out there struggling to shield the kids from the onslaught, but it’s so pervasive. I will fight it with everything in me. It is the most MANIPULATIVE social dynamic I’ve ever witnessed. May all those young ones who’ve been tampered with find a way back to innocence, wholesomeness, and natural beauty.


    1. Yes, Mary, and I did BOTH! Son will not allow his kids to be corrupted these ways; daughter doesn’t have kids and is not married but she has worked with kids and is now being set up as an employee manager. Both are true believers in Christ and will raise kids that way. And Guy’s wife is one heckuva mother, great at discipline (plus she’s a zoo keeper, trains monkeys, etc.)

    2. That’s so true, Mary, yet I have to add that it goes way beyond the schools. It’s what I meant by “so pervasive.” My eyes and ears see it just about everywhere: media, entertainment,s politics and its suppressive censorship laws, and even in corporate mandates. Sponsors drop people who speak the truth about there only being two genders. People get fired from their jobs for not going along with the rainbow reality. Which reminds me, we gotta rescue the rainbow. It has nothing to do with sex but everything to do with the beauty of nature. And I can’t separate all this from the global child sex-trafficking network where children don’t even have outside influences. They get ’em young and lock ’em in.

      Even though we already know this is child abuse, I’m thinking of The Bill of Rights, especially Article 9, where certainly “RELENTLESS PERSUASION AND COERCION OF CHILDREN” would be classified as infringement with malicious intent to destroy the natural coming-of-age process. So it always comes back to that, doesn’t it? The Bill of Rights will correct so many horrible and decadent offenses.


    1. Nor I, but I’d say some of these parents are just as sicko. I even told my grandson (lives in Texas) that if they start teaching this garbage to let his parents know. I just wish they would home school, but both work full time jobs….

  2. This is why I say kids out of public school was perhaps the only directly good thing to come out of the Operation Covaids situation. “Compulsory” and “education” simply do not belong together in the same term. I am still not quite sure what is so hard for parents to understand about this. You don’t even have to homeschool your children, though that is what is ideal if possible. Any parent should be able to take their child OUT of ANYTHING at all whatsoever. You shouldn’t even be “required” to do anything with your child except NOT abuse the child. That’s it. That’s IT. Figure it out, and if you can’t, then I do feel sorry for you. Schools are indoctrination centers precisely BECAUSE they are compulsory and precisely BECAUSE they were instigated into American society by those who had an interest in taking your children and brainwashing them and doing other things with them. Can you even imagine what is in the damn food? Are you even thinking? And consider the 5G systems that were installed in many schools during Operation Covaids. I hope to be getting through to at least one parent who reads this.

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