4 thoughts on “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever made….

  1. This is interesting in hindsight. Consider, once trump came to power, whatever he is, he rallied a spirit in the people that bothered the ‘jew’ elite even though they controlled and handled him.

    People started to notice more and become angry. The ‘jew’ fog was thinned if only to give a partial picture. Trump had to go.

    So the attacks began easy and ramped up. Russiagate, won’t go trump? how about impeachment? no?,
    ok, antida/blm, nope? coronavirus? still no? ok, economic collapse? really? in your face (rigged like building 7) elections…no? still no? ok, well how about
    civil war and communist missile attacks and an invasion of the west coast and alaska?

    Suppose they invade and get a foothold, it’s going to be kinda hard to push them out, rockies, deserts and all. Can be done but at enormous cost.

    I sincerely hope the multitude of people who did migrate to the US fighting and escaping from what is now arriving at the doorstep, will also defend the bill of rights and realize there’s nowhere else to fall back to, no country to escape to.
    It’s coming down to fight or lose it all. And that means your life. Imagine the PLA tribunals to execute chinese dissidents on american soil. Talk about long revenge.

    PLA has been lusting to invade for a long time. The military is poised and ready on their eastern shoreline to look like a force to invade taiwan, but I beg to differ.

    Vancouver canada is no doubt a forward operating location for the PLA and connected at the hip to seattle and on down the line to san diego through all the tech and game companies.

    I believe the corona-crap was a signal to those in the know that something had been placed in motion, much like 9/11 and to get ready. I think 9/11 represented the pillars of our society being kicked out from under the country by the treasonous ‘jews’.

    Does corona, meaning crown, represent their crowing achievement. Crowns represent subjugation, like mandeted mask wearing, mandated closures, etc. These are not the actions of a free society. Nor are mandated vaccines. And lets not forget the crown on the chess board. Check mate?

    And we see what. With that corona signal, what’s happened?
    The closure of ‘jew’ york, and ‘jews’ leaving.
    The collapse of california, porn/hollyweird can’t be far behind.
    I suspect the worst of the worst of the ‘jews’ have gone. I mean the ones in the shadows back to isreal and russia.


    Now the support crew begins to pull out.

    Over 1,000 Chinese Military-Linked Researchers Have Left US Since Federal Crackdown: DOJ Official


    Seems like eminent war after the rats have safely fled.

    The moment is fast approaching. Everyone here knows what’s up, but I just hope other’s will see through the wool the ‘jews’ have pulled over the world and react before it’s too late. wool, sheep 😉 lol.


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