Thousands Flock to Clean-Up Radioactive Beaches

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California has mobilized hundreds of thousands of citizens to clean up debris along the beaches, including debris from the 2011 Japanese Tsunami. This catastrophic event resulted in radioactive debris being sent into the Pacific ocean from the severely damaged Fukushima Diiachi Nuclear Power Plant.  Volunteer debris collectors clean up any debris they find and gather critical information about the Japanese tsunami debris using a comprehensive data card. It is as if each volunteer is a guinea-pig in a massive experiment.  

Tsunami debris began hitting the West Coast back in 2011 but according to the California Commission, “researchers believe that the first large waves of tsunami debris began hitting the California shores in Winter and Spring of 2013,” with subsequent waves expected to continue to hit the shores.

Generous grants from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration(NOAA) and the California Emergency Management Agency (CalEMA) have spawned numerous volunteer debris programs including:

These volunteers have cleaned up millions of pounds of debris from California’s coastline in the last three years since the Japanese Tsunami.  This work was accomplished in everyday clothing with bucket in hand.  None of the citizens were provided protective gear just in case debris turned out to be radioactive.

 Beach Babes for Clean Up Days

In the old days people going to the beach pondered a leisurely time sunbathing, snorkeling, surfing, tide-pooling, sand-castle building, but in these times “beach days” has a darker, more sinister meaning. Thousands of volunteers are flocking to beaches to clean up debris that frankly might be radioactive, and they are not being properly warned of the potential hazard.

Japanese Tsunami beach clean up days are being highly advertised to encourage more people to collect Japanese debris. Organizers already have the 2014 calendar up and are scheduling beach clean up days.

 Radioactive Debris?

There is a fierce debate between citizens and government about whether debris from the Japanese Tsunami is radioactive or not.  Private citizens with radiological detecting equipment say beaches and debris are radioactive, while the government sources maintain a veil of secrecy and guarded words about radiation. They hide behind the voice of the Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris Joint Information Center which promises to bring the public the latest information, but was last updated in December 2012!

Volunteers are told it is “unlikely” debris washing up in California will be radioactive.  They are also told that testing is being done which shows “no elevated levels of radioactivity”.  They are reassured that California Emergency Management has “qualified emergency responders ready to help” if volunteers come across anything dangerous. By that time it will be too late to safe-guard their health.

 SECURED Liability Waiver

Each beach debris collector must sign a SECURED Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk which informs the debris collectors that:

Cleaning up beaches involves “certain inherent risks” including environmental conditions.

 ”This instrument exempts and releases “all parties” defined from all liability or responsibility whatsoever for personal injury, property damage, or wrongful death, however caused, including negligence of the released parties, whether passive or active”.  The release includes any lawsuit or claim for themselves, their family, estate, heirs, or assigns.”

Should they become injured while participating in the Event they “authorize any physician or surgeon in the State of California to perform emergency or surgical treatment”.

This release clearly states that the organizer and partner agencies are held harmless, including wrongful death due to active negligence!  That would include failing to notify participants that they were being exposed to radiation.

Lest you think this program is isolated to California, it is not.  All Pacific Ocean coastal states, including British Columbia, have instituted the coastal clean-up program.

Families to Slaughter

Think about it for a minute.  There are those in government and those who hold radical environmental ideologies are preying upon the compassion that humans have to be good stewards of the environment.  Men, women, teenagers, children, entire families, and friends took to the beaches to clean up potentially radioactive and hazardous debris.  For four years now, volunteers return to the beaches to clean up debris from Fukushima.  Each person over 18 must sign the “Waiver”.

Did these children really understand that they might be exposing themselves, and their loved ones, to bio-accumulative radioactive particles?

Did these kind-hearted youngsters understand that the parties organizing them could actually be negligent in failing to let them know that debris and the environment might be radioactive?

Did this small volunteer comprehend he might be sentenced to a cruel, slow and agonizing death from cancer all because organizers wanted to keep silent about the true levels of radiation?


California Coastal Commission & Partners (all images and data)

18 thoughts on “Thousands Flock to Clean-Up Radioactive Beaches

  1. Yes, all you stupid people, a little radiation is good for you. Are Californians really that stupid to go to beaches and clean up potentially radioactive debris with no protective gear. If that is the case, those that voluntarily sign a liability waiver and participate, in what should be an industry and government cleanup, are all “too stupid to live.”

      1. Well Cathleen, I go fishing on the Chippewa river here in west central Wisconsin. I will go out of my way to pick up litter to help keep the river clean. I’m sure their are thousands out in CA who feel the same way about their beaches. However, if there was a possibility that the trash was radioactive, I would let someone with protective gear do the clean up. Instead, they exploit the good will of people, endangering their health.

    1. I don’t know, Millard. Could be these young activists do the clean up and 20 years from now, when they start dying, after years of watching their children being born deformed, a brilliant scientist will determine that it was the clean up that caused the cancer and the taxpayers will be bound to reimburse, as we allowed these fools to go pick up trash from the beaches from Fukushima where four reactors have melted down, where radiated water has been pumping into the Pacific Ocean since the earthquake that caused the tsunami occurred, and WE should have known better. Then some trustees/attorneys will put together a trust fund for these unfortunate victims of our neglect. Those monies will have to be invested. I mean we are not talking chump change here.
      I guess what I am saying, Millard, is you have to look for the good in the situation and when it ain’t there, figure it must be bad.

      1. Twas the German people blamed for the death camps who were forced to clean up the carnage.Those who know not the evils of their government are still held accountable by those whom your government has destroyed.Ignorance is no defense for breaking the law,but only for writing it.

    2. And anyone who thinks that a government cleanup would consist of a group of dedicated congressmen up to their elbows in radioactive waste rather than a government contractor using the labor of the poor while bilking the taxpayer of billions of dollars needs to live long enough to become a bit wiser.

  2. Who are these fricken mouth breathing parents that allow their children to clean up this debris!?!
    The ones over 18 have to sign a waiver, and at that they are too stupid to understand the hazard. But the little ones, my gawd! They have no idea what they are doing there, they just follow what brain dead mommy and daddy tell them to do!

    1. Progressive environmentalist liberals I would say Deb. Don’t get me wrong, I like the environment too and want to see it kept clean, but this is a known hazard and should be left to the Hazmat folks.
      . . .

      1. I agree with you 100% Cathleen. The .gov folks should be taking care of what they caused.

        I can’t help to think that this clean up effort is just another way to cull the population, chipping at us little bits at a time. 🙁

        1. Yah,like world war 1 & 2 and Viet nam and Iraqi freedom.Governments take care of the profits from the destruction they cause.It’s the slaves who foot the bill for the destruction and for the government who caused it.History bears it out.Time after time after every horrible time.

          1. Yes Carl, exactly! That’s why I’m growling when I read this article. History repeats and the slaves never see the pattern.

  3. This article is proof that most Californians clearly have no brains. I agree with Millard, “Too stupid to live”.

    Hey look, there’s fire! Let’s go pick it up, take a photo holding it and then throw it away. Tomorrow, I will wake up and wonder why I have burnt marks all over me. Do these people even have a clue as to what “RADIOACTIVE” means? Has education gotten so dumb that they don’t even teach that anymore, either?

    I’m sorry, I just can’t live with this kind of stupidity. They make retards look smart. I feel sorry for retards, but I sure as hell don’t feel sorry for these people who clearly excel in STUPIDITY!!

  4. It is sad to see the first casualties on the western shores. Basically 93% of the Pacific Ocean has dead sea life on the bottom of the ocean. 1,000’s of Fukashima workers are dead. The RADIATION readings on the west coast is an emergency. Thyroid cancer for the US Navy on the USS Reagan when they assisted in March 11, 2011. Is there a gyger counter out there?

  5. I will say,I saw a child on the beaches sick or injured,knowing the risks would still go in and try and bring em out to help if I thought there was a chance,darwanism at work perhaps,OK,more then likely,but would still do it.I survived would I be pissed at parents and let em know,count on it!

  6. I see irony here: the criminal psychopathic elites need the so-called “lib-tards” to spread their BS environmental agenda…so of course they encourage these same folks to get exposed to radiation by cleaning up irradiated junk…when will their clueless minions wake up to the fact that they will be sacrificed like the rest of us when they are no longer needed?

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