4 thoughts on “Andre Rieu – I Will Follow Him

  1. Individuals should not follow people but follow their own hearts and minds,being mindful of the rights of their neighbors and the right to own 100% of the fruits of their own labor.God nor evolution created man equal,but equal under law,without which we are nothing.Give unto God that which is God’s(which is everything) and unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s(which is nothing.)Give unto God the blessing of charity which is freely given and unto the state which is stolen from the poor and given to themselves,everything they deserve.This is the word of carl hammel.amen.

  2. How can people be so ignorant on any scale?How about getting rid of public schools,trade agreements,lobbyists.trade unions,and every other fool who supports democracy.They’re all living off your dime and frankly the public education system is dead.

  3. I think sanctions suck.I think war sucks.I think government sucks.And without government none of the previous three would have existed.And without soldiers no war would exist.No shit.Drop the fearTrade freely and laugh at people who would be creating w.w.3.Or else you might be one of them yourself.

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