Thousands Of Nametags Reportedly Handed Out For ‘Nametag Day’

Woman Puts On Name TagCBS New York

The organizers of the first-ever New York City “Nametag Day” said it turned out to be an “incredible” day.

Organizers, led by Williamsburg filmmaker Michael Morgenstern, held Nametag Day in the city on Saturday. Between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m., volunteers all around the city handed out tens of thousands of nametags in an effort to “encourage New Yorkers to talk to each other more and make the city friendlier.”  

On Sunday, organizers said they ended up handing out “thousands” of nametags, “bringing smiles across NYC. Thanks to everyone who helped make this an incredible day.”

Organizers hoped to encourage people to interact who otherwise might not, and break down social, demographic and other barriers that might stand in the way of friendliness.

“A nametag is more than a name. It says, ‘Hi! I want to talk to you,’” Morgenstern said in a news release in April. “That openness propagates outward exponentially over time to make a happier city. Think of the number of conversations or joyfully spontaneous interactions that will be had by everyone who takes a name tag.”

Organizers are already raising funds for another Nametag Day next year. As of Sunday, they had already raised $4,000.

15 thoughts on “Thousands Of Nametags Reportedly Handed Out For ‘Nametag Day’

        1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I only do what the voices in my head tell me to do. When I tried typing that in English, I got bum-fuzzled and couldn’t post.
          When I wrote it in german it posted!
          Who am I to defy the voices?
          🙂 🙂

    1. LOL
      Makes things easier for Bloomie & Kelley’s “army” (NYPD) and their high-tech. ID cameras (that they’ve been “pushing” around the world, at a % of $, of course *).
      * see older posts for the stories about their cameras 🙂

      1. That’s an interesting thought now they can tie biometrics to faces and nametags. If there is anyone out there in NY that isn’t yet in the databases.

          1. Sorry. First time I read your relpy, I thought I read “Is” (not “If”). That’s why I said “Highly doubt it.” LOL
            Boy, eyes are Really going.

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