Tier 5 Business

First Published 10-26-10

As things continue to get worse, the propagandists seem to be getting narrower in their views.  You see them on the television with the most serious looks on their faces saying, “What about more tax breaks and more incentives for businesses?”  Would somebody please tell me when it was declared, and who exactly said, from this day forth those who own business will have an exclusive on entrepreneurship in this country and that any further creation of new businesses is forbidden.

To hear the propagandists talk one would think that the current business interests have been granted some sort of entitlement.  I say if we are going to start cutting entitlements, the privileged business person’s entitlement to that status should be the first thing to go.  Unemployment is at 17.5% nationwide and the people who currently own businesses should be considered to have failed.

I watched the 60 Minutes piece and, though I’m glad that the 99ers have finally been acknowledged, the report must be considered milk toast journalism.  They went to the Silicone Valley where the people out of work are far from destitute; otherwise they couldn’t afford to be there.  In their so called food banks, I saw fresh fruit; some of it hadn’t even ripened yet.  I think a more fitting place for the report would have been Detroit, Michigan.  But then that might have made it hard to project the image of complacency which I observed in the report.

If any of us is ever interviewed, I would hope to hear the words, “fraud, swindle, and revolution.”  Did you notice when the lady left the food bank that she got into a nice SUV?  Tell me how many of you out there still even have a vehicle, let alone insurance or the gas to go anywhere?  Every one of us should email 60 Minutes and demand that they tell the rest of the story.

The winter is creeping up on us and more and more we are hearing, “Well there’s just not going to be a Tier 5 with the economy in such bad shape.”  When we hear anybody saying this, we not only have to contradict them, we have to let them know that they have just angered us to the point of fighting.  We have to start treating this situation and those perpetrating it in the manner they deserve.  I personally treat them like an intruder in my living room trying to take over control of my house.  They will get a few words of warning, after which I will unleash violence on them until I feel that my house is once again secure.

As for the talking heads on the television, I say take your propaganda down the road, as I don’t give one little damn about those who already have businesses and pockets full of money.  The fact is I think I could do a better job than they do in manufacturing my natural resources.  In short, I want my own business.

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