Industrial Base

First Published 10-27-10

An industrial base has to exist before any solvent economy can ever come into being.  At the industrial base, you will find facilities for mineral extraction, logging, drilling, fishing, and clearing and plowing fields.  Then you move to smelting facilities, refineries, lumber mills, and food processing plants.  At this point you have already put a lot of people to work and as they are making money, they will have wants that go beyond what they produce, like cars, clothing, refrigerators, stereos, televisions, houses, and furniture, thus adding another layer to the economy.

The second layer is supplied and supported by the first layer, thus the metals extracted are manufactured into wire, tubing, sheet metal, and bar stock for lathing.  Silicon and other substances are used to make electrical components.  Lumber is milled to build and furnish houses and the needed food is produced.

Now that everyone has a home and job derived from the industrial base, maybe they would like a little entertainment on that television and stereo.  Bam, another industry, more jobs.  They will of course need health care, there is another one and once in a while they will want to just get away from it all, thus a recreational industry becomes necessary; restaurants, resorts, hotels, ski boats, and the list goes on and on.  The economy we have just created functions solely as a sovereign entity.

So what is missing in America today?  You’ve got it, an industrial base.  We are no longer consuming products derived from our natural resources and manufactured in our factories.  The international corporate mafia has by design broken up our industrial base and moved it to locations all over the world where our natural resources are taken to be manufactured, thus making us dependent upon other countries for our basic necessities.   (Not to mention the components necessary for our defense systems)

I know you are going to say that we still have farming.  The fact is we do still have some.  However, most farming today consists of large corporate operations that sell their crops all over the world as much as three years into the future.  So most of the produce you see growing in the fields today belongs to foreigners.  The produce we get is substandard and comes from south of the border, as the elite look at the problem of feeding us as nothing more than acquiring fodder for their slaves.

Before this country can ever get on its feet and become whole again we the people, the true sovereigns of the United States, must take back control of our natural resources.  We must kick all the foreign corporations out and nationalize all lands and industry not to a government, but to 300 million individual sovereigns.

If we all spoke in unison and demanded that all export of natural resources ended immediately, our so called representatives would be forced to either capitulate or admit that in fact they do not represent us.  After which, we as a people would have to forcibly eject them from our shores and take back that which they have refused to return peaceably.

Again, if we are to survive with freedom, liberty, and dignity there is no other course of action.  If we have to, we must start all over again.  And how do we start over again?  We have about 20 million citizens possessing every skill necessary sitting idle and craving work.  That would be us, the 99ers, who have been denied a Tier 5 unemployment extension completely without rhyme or reason, and all other unemployed.  All could be accomplished in a few short years beginning with establishing a new industrial base.

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