Tier 5 Unemployment Extension Enemies

The current economic situation we find ourselves in did not come to be by accident.  The war we find ourselves in is being waged upon us without declaration.  When the international corporate mafia set out to destroy our country and take away our livelihood they did so with $22 trillion and a plan in hand.

A basic rule of war is to divide and conquer.  It was about fifteen years ago that I first heard the statement, “America does not have a culture, it is a collection of distinctly discernable cultures from all over the world.”  This is propaganda and it is a lie.

Twenty years ago our American culture was distinctive and easy to identify.  Remember the old saying, “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet.”?  American baseball is no longer distinctive as it has been diluted by the inclusion of Asia, South America, and Central America.  The most noted hot dog eater in the world is Takeru Kobayashi from Japan.  Apple pie, at least those baked by Sara Lee, now belongs to Mexico.  And Chevrolet and the rest of General Motors, including the patents for our war vehicles, will soon be the property of China.

So the first order of business for the attacking army was to destroy our national identity and divide us by pumping foreigners in from every corner of the globe.

Another very effective tactic in war is to attack your opponent’s industrial base.  NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT, need I say more?

An attacking army also wants to disrupt communication.  Our enemies have taken over every mainstream news broadcast and public television, and are currently working on the cyber security act which will allow them to control the information going out over the net.

They are now in the final phase of their operation which involves demoralizing the population to the point that they will surrender without a fight.  There is just one small matter that they have not addressed yet, and that is an armed population of 300 million people.  A bluff is as good as a straight flush if it is not called.  Right now our enemies have sweat running down their faces as they have put all of their money into the pot and we are reaching for our chips and are about to call.

Do you want to know the truth as to why we cannot get a Tier 5 unemployment extension?  It is because the international corporate mafia knows that we are on the brink of the final enlightenment that will cause us to unite as a single people with a single purpose.  And that is their destruction.  They are trying to get us to riot in the streets so that they can enact martial law and start putting us into extermination camps before we can finish arming and equipping.

But the fact is it is already too late for them, as there are millions of us, armed and ready to take them on.  The only reason we are holding is because we want to bring everybody into the fold that wants to participate.  In the end this strategy will save lives which would have been lost via starvation, disease, and needless street killings.  This being said, those who are not ready had better, by hook or crook, get ready.  While we are outfitting and training we must also learn the principals of fighting a strategic war.

We will start by learning the names and ways of our enemies…….Stay tuned.

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  1. I would say you have summed up our nation’s situation very well, also I like the new site. It is nice to have access to a form of media that is not controlled by our enemy. Perhaps that is why our government is so hell bent on getting control of the internet. It is the one place where the citizens of this country can hear the truth about what is happening in their government.

  2. Good beginning on your website, Henry. But I cannot subscribe to your behind-the-scenes story of America’s enemies conspiring to enslave us. To me what is happening is just part of the inevitable change that comes to every individual, group, and nation. The USA compared to other countries has experienced a remarkable streak of good luck (and good fortune as well, in that its founders were sturdy Northern Europeans who were at the apex of world domination when they founded and expanded our country). Now we are in less prosperous times, and the frontier spirit is gone. We have 310 million Americans and the world is overgrown with human beings. The US has lost its way a little bit. We may recover or we may not. In any case our nation will eventually cease to exist, like all individuals and nations which have ever existed. No need for a conspiracy theory when mere entropy will suffice to explain what is happening. But I encourage everyone to fight for their existence and prosperity.

    1. Great site Henry! Tim, I have to take exception to your reply to Henry. We have 310 million people in America now because our Government dropped the ball and let millions of illegal aliens in which have multiplied like rabbits. Not only that, now we are paying for their kids educations and housing along with medical when ever needed. This has hurt American security and endangered our own public. This was never intended by our founders. Our Government has refused to reverse this illegal immigration policy and has now put our country at great risk.

      Our people are now paying the price, as proven, by our loss of country’s wealth and security.

      1. Mark S,
        Thank you for your reply. The business of setting up a site has proven to be difficult, however much has been learned over the past week. One thing we need is for as many people as possible to come to the site so that Google will pick it up and put it in their search engine. We will continue to make improvements to the site as we learn. I will start adding new articles in the morning. So anyone you can persuade to come here and take a look would be good for the site and our effort to organize.

  3. Nice start Henry,
    It was about 10 years ago that the outsourcing really picked up and it is still accelerating now.
    Globalization, what a nice idea, share American wealth and help the poor thoughout the world enjoy our standard of living-who could possibly have a problem with that? That is how the corporate mafia started the sell-off of America. A conspiracy? Yes, planned and paid for.
    WE HAVE BEEN DUPED!. To this day I recall Ross Perot speaking on NAFTA, you will hear a giant swoosh and that will be the sound of our jobs going away. No one took heed at the time. How profedict he was. I would love to hear what’s on his mind today.

    1. Help Needed- MA,
      You hit the nail right on the head. Had there been the outrage back when Perot ran for office, we could have made a preemptive strike against the one world communists, but then again I guess when you think about it, we should have followed Joe McCarthy’s lead and deported every Communist back in the 50’s. It was plain enough that we had been infiltrated as so many in positions of power came out against McCarthyism and for Communism.

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