Left-Right Paradigm

First Published 11-14-10
It is amazing how easy it is to divide Americans against one another. In a situation as seemingly innocent as elementary school children playing sports, otherwise rational people will run onto the field and beat the hell out of one another over a bad call. I think our citizenry would have liked the Roman Coliseum.
I suppose our natural adversarial, genetic makeup is responsible for far too many of us having failed to realize that left-right paradigm is nothing more than a tool used by the international corporate mafia to divide us against one another. The whole concept is actually quite brilliant in its simplicity. Imagine a whole nation of people who are anything but individuals, making life and death decisions based on nothing more than wanting to see their team win.
If you happen to be a politician, what a deal. You can do anything you want and blame all the adverse consequences to your actions on something the other team did two years ago. In fact the biggest worry the modern politician has is that the population will one day wake up from the matrix, see the false left-right paradigm for what it is, and refuse to participate. Can you see the politicians scrambling to explain themselves without someone else to blame for their failures and deceptions?
This year many citizens changed their party affiliation to Independent. The propagandists are trying to credit this phenomenon to the members of the Tea Party, but they know, in truth, that the movement was much more far reaching. I believe that the 99ers and unemployed in general, made up such a large portion of the Independent registrations that the powers that be are deliberately keeping it out of the news.
As we keep exposing Obama and the majority of the politicians out there as the traitors they are, more and more citizens will be turning their backs on the one party Demopublican/Republicrat system.
Those of you out there who are still expounding the ridiculous notion of virtue within the one party system, I hope you will have your televisions tuned to C-Span tomorrow when the Lame Duck Congress comes into session. I wonder what kind of lies you are going to tell yourself when the first legislations brought up are for amnesty for illegals and don’t ask don’t tell. And will it change your attitude any when you see that a Tier 5 unemployment extension is not only not passed, but not even mentioned?
At first I thought that the people who cling to political parties were just stupid. However more and more, I am beginning to believe that they are motivated by fear. I mean, some people take this party stuff seriously. Maybe to some the betrayals of the parties are like a protective parent dying. Though it is undeniable, they just can’t admit it.
We are not little children but we do have children and grandchildren to think of. So if not for your own sake, then for theirs, take the red pill, wake up and see the reality of the false left-right paradigm.

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