Tijuana Airbnbs ‘completely booked’ for caravaners — paid for by American attorneys

American Mirror – by Victor Skinner

The first migrant caravan arrived at the U.S.-Mexico border this week to find a fortified Tijuana port of entry, and they’re now resting up at Airbnbs in upscale neighborhoods in Playas de Tijuana provided by their American attorneys.

Locals haven’t exactly greeted the group with open arms, according to Mexican journalist Jorge Nieto.  

“They … had their first moment of tension in the area of Playas de Tijuana where they are staying with the neighbours who did not appear to agree with their presence,” Nieto posted to Facebook.

Nieto told KGTV locals were “yelling at them go away go to a shelter, this is not your place, all you came here this is a safe area and we are afraid of you.”

The news site reports the group of about 85 mostly LBGTQ migrants trudged ahead of the first large caravan heading to the U.S. “because they felt they were being discriminated against.”

Videos from Tuesday show migrants climbing atop the border fence separating San Diego’s Friendship Park from Mexico, though officials told KGTV there have been no arrests.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection, meanwhile, is working with U.S. troops deployed to the border to shut down several lanes of traffic at the Tijuana port of entry to install “port hardening infrastructure equipment” including barbed wire and concrete reinforcements, according to NPR.

The prep work, dubbed Operation Secure Line, came as a convoy of nine buses and trucks with about 350 migrants arrived in Tijuana Tuesday, many chanting “Mexico, Mexico, Mexico,” “Viva Honduras,” and “Let’s see Donald Trump,” NBC San Diego reports.

Anabel Casillas, spokeswoman for Airbnb Mexico told Newsweek the rental platform is completely booked in Tijuana.

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  1. More news on the brown army recruits. Just proves one of the few responsibilities the fed. govt. has is NOT being done. YOUR FIRED!

  2. Yeah they definitely look poor. They look like they’re having a family vacation at Disneyland.


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