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Time to Pay Attention: Police Begin Making Massive Reversals in Official Vegas Narrative

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Las Vegas, NV — In an unprecedented reversal, police have dramatically changed their official story this week on how the massacre in Las Vegas unfolded. To be clear, the facts they changed are not some accidents due to mass chaos, ‘whoops we were just confused’, or ‘sorry we got that wrong’ — no, these were a complete reversal of official narratives already determined to be facts and released during press conferences.

The first major reversal in the narrative happened on Monday when officials changed their story to say Stephen Paddock shot a hotel security guard six minutes before he opened fire on the crowd of 22,000.  

The official narrative — which TFTP has already given multiple reasons to doubt — was that Paddock shot Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos after Paddock had unleashed his deadly volley at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, an assault that began at 10:05 p.m.

According to the first official timeline, Campos was shot in the leg while checking on an alarm. According to the original police-reported timeline, Paddock never fired on the crowd below again after shooting Campos.

But now, we are being told that is not what happened and we should believe their new story which is completely different. To be clear, this information was simple to find out as all they had to do was ask Campos who was only shot in the leg before he began shooting.

On Monday, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo said that Paddock shot Campos before his mass shooting — at 9:59 p.m. — and they now didn’t know why Paddock stopped his attack on the crowd.

According to the new report, as noted by the LA Times, Paddock, who had placed security cameras outside his room, shot Campos through the door of his suite, which was outfitted with a camera to survey the hallway, as was a room service cart parked outside. Police said Paddock fired 200 rounds into the hallway.

Officials are now telling us that 200 shots were fired—6 minutes before Paddock opened fire on the crowd. There were witnesses who knew where they came from, and yet still, it took them over an hour to get into Paddock’s room.

Police claimed they were originally not in a hurry to get into Paddock’s room because the security guard halted the shooting. But now, according to them, this is not true.

Charles “Sid” Heal, a retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s commander and tactical expert, told the Times that the new timeline “changes the whole perspective of the shooting.”

Had police actually responded to the numerous reports of gunfire inside the hotel room, before the massacre began, perhaps 58 people may still be alive.

Another glaring shift of narrative also happened on Monday when police changed their story about when Stephen Paddock got to Las Vegas.

For those who’ve been to Las Vegas, you know that it is a tightly run ship. If you walk anywhere inside or outside of these massive hotels, you know that your movement is being recorded on dozens of cameras and, perhaps, even under the watch of security personnel on the ground. Why then, with these major security and recording implementations in place, could police be wrong about when Paddock arrived at the hotel? Also, they could’ve simply confirmed this with the front desk.

In the press conference on Monday, after multiple other press conferences in which they claimed Paddock checked in on the 28th of September, police then changed the narrative again, this time, claiming Paddock actually check in on the 25th—three days earlier than they originally claimed.

What possible motive would police have for falsely claiming Paddock did not get to the room until the 28th, knowing full well that hotel records easily confirmed his arrival three days earlier? We cannot answer that question, we just know it happened.

To cover for his glaring inconsistencies in reporting and then changing the facts of the case, Lombardo then blamed the press.

“In [the press’s] zest for information, in my zest to ensure the public safety, in the calming their minds, some things are going to change. They are minute changes… [what was said before was] not completely inaccurate,” he said.

However, as was stated above, these are not some tiny changes that could’ve been overlooked. These are massive shifts in a narrative that raise serious concerns over what the public is being told in regards to the Vegas massacre.

In our coverage of this horrific tragedy, never has TFTP attempted to assert a motive, a falsehood, or any conspiracy theory. We have only asked questions. However, many people are opposed to asking these questions about the holes in the official story. This new information now shows that, if anything, we need to ask even more questions.

Free Thought Project

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11 Responses to Time to Pay Attention: Police Begin Making Massive Reversals in Official Vegas Narrative

  1. Enemy of the State says:

    I know I posted this before, but it deserves to be said again..and maybe many times until people get it

    How can anyone trust a word of what he says
    When we all know pigs are allowed to lie to us
    But we are not allowed to lie to them

    This one ability that they pushed so hard for and that they regularly use to impunity ,now comes back to bite their credibility right in the ass ,along with the Smith-Mundt act of 1948that was over turned by Congress in 1987
    That basically allows the media to lie to all of us too
    So we have a deceitful DC
    A deceitful Police Entity
    And a deceitful Press
    And We the People are to just buy this bull crap we’ve been getting shoveled on for the past 50-60 years ?

  2. SKYWALKER says:

    They’ve changed the narrative so many times because their original stories were weak and questioned by citizens and others like the alternative media, while being pushed by the fake MSN at the same time, who is acting as their government sanctioned mouth piece. Because so many people have seen thru the BS and are questioning the government lies, they started using our comments as a focus group in order to come up with something more palpable and fool proof in their minds. This reminds me of the time when Bush Jr, kept trying over and over again to come up with a memorable phrase/quote for the fake 9-11 narrative.

  3. Koorz says:

    Maybe instead of suing the Bumpfire Stock makers with this BS-fabrication, they should go after the police in Civil Suits – so the public doesn’t pay?

    When I heard the first videos, I personally heard a much heavier weapon, 7.62, slower, steady beat. My first thought was ‘belt-fed weapon’.

    MANY vets online are or on vids are now chiming in – ‘M240, belt fed 7.62’. Someone has even posted a sound signature profile, matching the 2, and they’re a spot-on match.

  4. avgjoe says:

    100% proof of fed involvement when the stories start changing. Who the f**k knows what twisted operation they had running, just know that your government loves you and that’s why they passed seat belt laws.

    edit to add :

  5. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “To cover for his glaring inconsistencies in reporting and then changing the facts of the case, Lombardo then blamed the press.”


    They’re guilty of many things, but telling the truth isn’t one of them.

    They merely report the LIES you @ssclowns shovel their way.

  6. Peter says:

    I thought Smith- Mundt was nullified July 1st 2013….nobody knows about it and this now literally allows our own government to propagandize us through the leftist, communist, liberal leaning, equality for everyone under the sun, no matter how freakish…media and make us accept the absurd even if it goes against common sense. But now my question…Is the brother Eric Paddock really an air traffic controller somewhere in Texas as his occupation? And what about the registration ownership of Stephen’s former planes?..He was a pilot.

  7. DL. says:

    First time I remember the press changing their story was when the press got it right the first time–June 8, 1967 on the radio evening news when the news reader said that ISRAEL attacked the USS Liberty! Now of course it was no “accident” as the press reported, but deliberate. Then, of course, two nights later, “Egypt” supposedly did it. Since I was fixing to want to go to college to be a journalist, this change of story bothered me (even though I was very pro-Israel at the time). Then in 1970 at the AntiWar Moratorium March in March in NYC which I attended, the NY Times reported “riots” with “hardhats” (guys in suits wearing construction worker hats–folks these people were NOT construction workers!) and cops at the march–which was utter BS! This definitely convinced me NOT to become a journalist. Since then, I simply cannot trust the MSM and most of the alt-media as well. Eyewitnesses…these are about the only folks I trust.

    • Katie says:

      DL, we could use an honest journalist such as yourself, although you’d be out of a job real quick. Reason, fired for being honest.

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