TN State Sen to Piers Morgan Now that gun control has failed when are you moving back to the UK

Published on Apr 25, 2013 by Jim Nichols

“Piers Morgan Live” spoke to state Sen. Stacey Campfield who defended his controversial joke about pressure cookers in the wake of the bombings.

The Tennessee Republican lawmaker posted a blog with a picture of an “assault pressure cooker” under the blog caption, “Here comes Feinstein again,” likely intended to mock Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s defeated proposals on an assault weapons ban.

“We’re talking about an inanimate object that does nothing by itself,” said Campfield comparing a firearm to a pressure cooker. “It does absolutely nothing by itself just like a pressure cooker does absolutely nothing by itself.”

“The joke was really about the left and how they push for gun control on inanimate objects just like pushing for spoon control for obesity, it doesn’t do anything.”

Watch the clip, and listen further, as Campfield asks Morgan, “Now that gun control has failed, Piers, I’m wondering when are you going to move back to England?”

18 thoughts on “TN State Sen to Piers Morgan Now that gun control has failed when are you moving back to the UK

  1. HAHAAHAHAAHA!!! Omg! How does this F**KER live with himself? This guy must get 300 million death threats everyday. Really. What an absolute sociopath. Just watch him stand there with a straight face and play the “You’re wrong.” card and constantly talk over the senator in order to cowardly try and prove that he is right. And he thinks Alex Jones won’t let him talk? He just did the same thing with this senator. It’s different when the shoe is on the other foot.

    Hey Piers, go back to England or go cry me a river. You’re not even worth wasting a bullet on. Hell, hemp rope is too much to waste on you. You’re better off sitting in a hole somewhere while every American comes by and pisses all over you. Now that would be justice. I already have my ticket reserved for the event.

    1. I got my ticket also! But I ain’t a gonna piss on him, I gonna get a case of trots and deliver it all over him!! 😉

  2. The wonderment of the Piers “persona” is that he is a reflection of a massive group of humans living in abject Denial. It’s so in our faces now that it’s hard not to feel sorry for their psychopathic disorder. The SSRI’s that most mass killers are on are exactly what people like Piers need prescribed for their rampant “problem”. On the other hand, maybe it’s what they need to stop ingesting.

  3. Please, we don’t want him back here, can’t someone stick a fake beard and backpack on him and claim he’s Osama Bin Laden or something…. Oh wait they did that one already, I know someone write to Netahanyu and tell him that Morgan is Hitler’s love child that should fix it…

    1. ROLMFAO!!!!! HAHAAHAAHAAHAA!!! Love the Osama Bin Laden idea. That would be hilarious. Angry Grandparent, you need to post on here more often. I love your British sense of humor.

  4. LOL! I loved the look on Morgans face at about 1:26-1:30 marks and his minute of speechlessness! Priceles! hehehe!

  5. Wow! Piers must have the script that talks about the next shooting, as he invited the senator back on the show after the next one occurs. Basically, he guaranteed a next shooting. Does anybody even watch his show?

    1. I know really. He’s encouraging another false flag and is getting away with it and he’s not even American. It amazes me how he’s still alive.

  6. I am so sick of Piers Morgan’s hypocritical crap that sometimes when I hear his voice I feel like I am going to vomit. It’s a wonder that guys like this are still employed. What jerks!

  7. Occasionally I stumble across his lunatic meanderings on CNN = Communist “News” Network.
    He reminds me of a Brit, who is an ex-business “partner” who proved himself to be a sociopath, thief and liar. My association with that thug is too long of a read to waste any time on, so I’ll get to the point. He was my supervisor in a high tech machine shop doing aero-space and defense work for a multinational company.
    When we went into “business” and became successful; he locked me out. What I learned after the fact was that he was stealing from the company we worked for and was attempting to get me fired so all of my time would be spent in our “business” because I was the one with the technical expertise he lacked. He was just a good talker and con artist.
    One conversation we had was about his earlier life in Birmingham, England. He bragged about how he and fellow thugs would go to football (soccer) games with darts they would steal from the local pub so they could throw them into the crowd.
    I met a number of his immediate family who were all just like him. Arrogant snots, drug abusers, thieves, sociopaths, mindlessly prone to unprovoked violence, racist, narcissist, poorly educated, low IQ, manipulative and also; easily manipulated due to poor education and government propaganda that encourages a nation of dumber sheeple willing to carry on with a war based economy that only benefits the jews who have infested/subverted every technologically developed country.
    From my life experience with the Brits, jews, Evangelical “Christians” and French, they are all anti-social as well as all of the above, incest probably has a lot to do with their obvious defects.
    On the other hand: I found the Germans, Arabs, Persians, Muslim and Chinese to be the most open minded, best educated, intelligent and MOTIVATED to succeed on their own merits and not on the backs of the working man/woman.
    I don’t go out of my way to watch that network. However: You have to watch once in awhile because; you have to hear the lies in order to counter the BS and the difficulties they have in maintaing a cohesive story line. It would make a great comedy line, however: a lot of people really believe their crap, just because it’s on TV where they always tell the “truth”.
    “STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES” something that can’t be fixed.

    1. A terrible shame to be lumping all of us in with the crackpot god botherers and the Jews, it would be like us over here saying all Americans looked like John Candy, thought they were John Wayne and were so far up themselves they could see what they were having for breakfast tomorrow.

      If you took all British as being representative in the mould of Morgan or that bloke you knew then you would in a way have become a bigot, surprisingly we don’t all speak like the Queen, look down on the rest of the world or hand in hand with the Rothschilds, we too are suffering over here from what you lot are with out of control police, corruption in politics at unprecedented levels, corporations and banks with unheard of power and being robbed blind by our elected officials whilst being trampled into the mud by them, sound familiar?

      Us British are just as pissed off about it as you Americans are but we don’t have guns nor do we have the declaration of independence to call upon either to remove out of control governments and to be honest America as “world leader” has made an enormous mess of it when it could have been a power for the good, thats the trouble with greed, it affects people everywhere and when greed gets power, it becomes blind and grasping, we could have been on Mars probably by now and all cheering the US flag for taking us there but instead we revile and hate that flag for the misery and pain that we have instead.

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