4 thoughts on “Tom Cotton SCHOOLS Biden ATF Nominee on Definition of “Assault Weapon”

  1. In the PC game “Klingon Academy”, General Chang asks the cadets what weapons were aboard one of the many warships in the fleet. One cadet answered by listed the weapons that the warship carried. The General rebuked the cadet and asked if this was an academy for Klingon warriors or a school for engineers. He went on to explain that it was a warship, everything on it was a weapon. Transporters could be used to send commandos onto an enemy vessel to capture it, tractor beams could be used to hurl debris at an enemy warship, etc.

    Any firearm could be used to “assault” a person, therefore the term “assault weapon” is pointless. The spineless maggots like this schmuck are obsessed with ridiculous notion that firearms only belong in the hands of law enforcers (Blackwater gestapo thugs), the armed forces, and other government entities. That is exactly why the Second Amendment addresses the issue perfectly.

  2. A ssholes
    T yrants
    F *cktards

    get a life

    I do not recognize them having any authority over anything , making laws , or enforcing infringements

    they should be met with the same force they come at you with

    Breaking News…..

    ATF have redefined index fingers as “assault weapons”

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