Top Russian, American and Polish Leaders Warn that Continued Fighting In Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear War

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The Stakes Are Too High Not to Negotiate Peace

Former Soviet leader and Nobel prize winner Mikhail Gorbachev warned today that the battle in Ukraine could result in a nuclear war:

“A war of this kind would unavoidably lead to a nuclear war,” the 1990 Nobel Peace Prize winner told Der Spiegel news magazine, according to excerpts released on Friday.

“We won’t survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation,” added Gorbachev, 83. “This is not something I’m saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned.”

One of America’s top experts on Russia – Steven Cohen – has also warned that failure to negotiate a peace treaty in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war.

Former Polish president – and famed anti-communist activist – Lech Walesa also warned that the U.S. and Nato’s arming of Ukraine could lead to a nuclear war.

Leading American political activist Noam Chomsky agrees.

Australian doctor and Nobel prize winner Helen Caldicott warns:

The expansion of NATO to Russia’s borders is “very, very dangerous,” Caldicott said. “There is no way a war between the United States and Russia could start and not go nuclear. … The United States and Russia have enormous stockpiles of these weapons. Together they have 94 percent of all the 16,300 nuclear weapons in the world.”

“We are in a very fallible, very dangerous situation operated by mere mortals,” she warned. “The nuclear weapons, are sitting there, thousands of them. They are ready to be used.”


Caldicott strongly criticized Obama administration policymakers for their actions in forward positioning U.S. and NATO military units in countries of Eastern Europe in response to Russian support of breakaway separatists in the provinces of eastern Ukraine. On –, the U.S. government announced the deployment of the Ironhorse Brigade, an elite armored cavalry unit of the U.S. Army to the former Soviet republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, along the historic invasion route from the West to St. Petersburg.

“Do they really want a nuclear war with Russia?” she asked “The only war that you can have with Russia is a nuclear war. … You don’t provoke paranoid countries armed with nuclear weapons.”

And see this.

Indeed, Eric Zuesse says that the risks are so high – and the American leaders so reckless – that Russia ispreparing for an expected nuclear attack by the U.S.

May cooler heads prevail …

7 thoughts on “Top Russian, American and Polish Leaders Warn that Continued Fighting In Ukraine Could Lead to Nuclear War

  1. Ukraine’s Junta Government’s prime minister and former bankster in chief had this to say when he was in Germany with a tin cup begging for more indentured servitude of Ukraine to the other Kosher Mafia Don Banksters who run Germany.

    “Russian aggression in Ukraine is an attack on the world order and the order in Europe. We all remember the invasion of the USSR in Germany and Ukraine. We must not allow this. No one has the right to rewrite the results of the Second world war. However, it tries to make the Russian President Putin,” the Ukrainian Prime Minister said.

    Very clever use of hot buttons for the local population. Hide a lie inside the truth. It makes it easier to swallow. How many Russians and Europeans in general were murdered by that Kazzarian Trash???

  2. “…added Gorbachev, 83. “This is not something I’m saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned.”

    You should take those concerns to the ones responsible… the jews.

    But you already know that, don’t you.

      1. LOL… relatively mild compared to my usual caustic self, but I just got back from a long drive, so I was kinda tired and somewhat muted, flek.

  3. Could lead to WW3? Where are we now? Where have we been. There’s nothing left to fight for other than the pure greed of taking something from someone because you have bigger guns. It pretty much sums up U.S. Foreign policy since WW2. Our unabashed greed has lead us the edge of our very existence. I doubt we will survive as a species without super human effort. Divine intervention anyone?


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