Tornado Damage in Kokomo, Indiana

Here are pics from the tornado that hit Kokomo Wednesday afternoon. The pics are me going back southbound about 4 minutes after the funnel blew through. (I decided to haul ass North when I saw I was right in the path, and waited off the road until I could see again, and went back South to see what had happened).

Obviously the Starbucks Commie Coffee building got what it had coming to it. This twister went through about 150 yards north of where another one went through 3 yrs ago.  

The pics you see of houses are the same development that got hit that time, but the worst damage was beyond my field of view.

Still no power in the A.O. as of 3 AM, and I expect we will be fortunate to get power back on by tomorrow. After the storm 3 yrs ago, it took 3 days to restore power.

IMG_4406 IMG_4407 IMG_4410 IMG_4411 IMG_4412 IMG_4414 IMG_4415 IMG_4416

4 thoughts on “Tornado Damage in Kokomo, Indiana

  1. Kokomo is my home town. My mother got caught in the one 3 years back. She was stuck in the red lobster off old 31. I don’t know what they call that road now…stupid ass change if you ask me. If you create a new road give it the new name. Don’t rename the old road that has been named 31 for 70 years. Anyhow.. and around 98…99? The big cat 5 that hit Taylor high went right past my house. The Easter Sunday tornado hit the same area. South Kokomo is a tornado magnet.

  2. I was in the massive Tornado’s that went through in the 70’s. I’ll never forget that night. Very scary for a little kid. I lived in Sweetser and we were right in the middle of all three tornado’s.
    Thanks for the pics Darzak. Glad your ok brother!

  3. That Starbucks definitely got what it deserved.
    Now all the stupid people won’t know where to get their coffee.
    Hope everybody is ok.

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