8 thoughts on “Total Resistance by Major H. von Dach Bern

  1. Sweet!! You found a PDF link of this book. I have the book, but could never find a free link for others to download it, as I have been wanting to post this book on here for a LONG time now.

    Good job, Hal Apeeno!

    This is a MUST have for everybody in the resistance.

    1. Someone was talking about who sells out to the enemy first.
      This would be:
      Pillars of society
      Reminded me of something read long ago, brother.
      Hard to believe I could find it now days.
      The info is timeless. (battles have been won utilizing historical {ancient} tactics…….Know your enemy)
      “This is a MUST have for everybody in the resistance.”

    1. Copies as in training manuals on hand.
      Better to have what you don’t need, than need what you don’t have.
      I’ve made many copies from the pdf, not to mention other manuals as well.
      It beats drawing in the dirt with a stick. 🙂

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