Train cars carrying coal derail in Burnaby, B.C.

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No one was injured when three rail cars carrying coal tipped over and went off the tracks near Burnaby Lake in B.C.’s Lower Mainland Saturday morning.

Burnaby RCMP Staff Sgt. Wayne Baier said police got a call about the derailment just before 11 a.m. PT, and arrived at the intersection of Cariboo Road and Government Street to find three coal cars tipped over with the contents spilling out of the cars.  

“The only contents of the car was coal. There’s been some of the contents have fallen in a nearby stream. We’ve got a hold of the Ministry of Environment that oversees that issue and I believe they are responding,” he said.

Baier said there was obvious damage to the rail tracks, cars, and the immediate surroundings, but no one was hurt and the derailment posed no further risk of harm.

“There is no safety concern to the general public,” he said.

Police closed Cariboo Road to north-south traffic near the intersection, but drivers are able to get through east-west on Government Street.

Baier said he received some information that last night’s torrential rain may have played a possible factor.

“It’s too early to confirm that, but that may have had an effect on the ground underneath the tracks,” Baier said.

Baier said police are not authorizing any moving of the train or train cars until further conversations take place between the force, the Transportation Safety Board and the rail company.

Rail safety has been in the spotlight over the last year after a train containing crude oil derailed and exploded in Lac-Megantic, Que., in July, killing 47 people.

On Tuesday, 17 cars, five of which were carrying crude oil, derailed near Wapske, New Brunswick.


33 thoughts on “Train cars carrying coal derail in Burnaby, B.C.

  1. What do you know, ANOTHER train derail!

    Boy, there must be something going around. I been noticing that Canada and the U.S. both have a lot of clumsy train drivers lately.

      1. Well, since they haven’t exactly killed a lot of people, in most of these cases, I can, unfortunately, only call them “accidents”. UGH!

  2. Counting the chemical spill I would say that these are the same sabotage skills that the Russian Spetsnaz are train to do

    1. Since there are so many Russians being seen in Canada, you might not be too far off. It’d be a good training exercise for them, Commies.

  3. I’ve been calling it an epidemic for a while now, tammyc.

    It’s been increasing so much lately, that I’m thinking that plague status wouldn’t be too far off base.

    Naturally, I’m speaking in terms of in comparison to all the years of almost NO derailments at all.

      1. Sorry #1. I deleted it because you already said it was an epidemic…lol. That’s the first comment I’ve made that I have deleted.

          1. Well I felt pretty dumb calling it an epidemic when you already called it an epidemic…lol.

  4. My Fellow Americans:

    As the Great Oz once said:


    (My apologies to the, “Wizard Of Oz”)

    Nothing strange or unusuall about ALL these trains SUDDENLY derailing all over the country!,.. It’s NOT a test run by the “Enemy-Force-In-Occupation”,.. Repeat: “THIS IS NOT,.. NOT,.. NOT,.. a test run by our criminally isane US Fed Gov’t getting ready to justifiy Martial Law!!!”

    Nothing to see here people,.. just ANOTHER train falling off of perfectly good railroad tracks,… move along,… move along…..

    JD – US Marines – Gee,.. you think this criminal gov’t may attack our rail system and blame it on,.. “The Lone Wolve”,.. “The Christian Extremist”,… the “Al-Queda” elements that have slipped into this country,.. or even on (drumm roll please,…brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuummmp!!!) “Micky Mouse!”?????

  5. Russians I’ve read people saying it being spetznaz. Anyone been to Russia lately? Anyone personally know any Russians here in US or Canida? I do. Mark K. talks about his friend and militia member Romanian Al and his seeing what is going on in the US and is arming. Might interest you all to know that like the Hessians of the war of independence Ruskys and Ruskayas are arming, and they are on OUR side. You know? The side of liberty? They are European by birth, but I’d count them as more American than what we are so pleased to call Americans.

    There is something else that could be a major factor in these train derailments. Poorly maintained tracks. Infrastructure in this country in case anyone hasn’t noticed is rotting away and collapsing, just like the FRN. The Banksters are not going to repair a dead country. They are just going to loot what’s left and toss it over their shoulders like a empty soda can.

    By the way. Most Russian women are pretty darn hot and know their way around a Kalishnikov. They in many cases make darn good wives who are true blue patriots that love America.

    1. several far easier ways to take a nation, esp. one like the US

      Not tough to figure out what the prime way is as the Gov has been announcing how dangerous and likely to happen it is in the US

      Power grid knock down.

      People will riot & be starved out of existence.

      Very legitimate, very real.

      1. Not to mention with a grid down they could blame a financial collapse on it, and it would wipe out all banking records.

        Get your beans, bullets, and band-aids together!

        Ammo = New Currency

      2. I read and article in popular Science I believe when I was a teenager. It was about how easy it would be to take down the grid here in the US simply by taking out the substation transformers with a rifle. All you need to do is punch a hole in them and rest is history. Mark K. made another idea apparent. You don’t need even a gun to do the job. A wrench would do just fine. Take down the power grid and we loose half our population within a year. Riactors not properly manned and shut down and are run aways you have a much bigger mess on your hands. James Rawles scenario I rather think is optimistic. God help us all with what is coming. Any preparations I’ve made I know are not nearly enough.

    2. The false left/right paradigm again.

      Don’t kid yourself. The Russian govt. is every bit a part of the NWO as this traitorous so-called ‘government’ is.

      1. “Might interest you all to know that like the Hessians of the war of independence Ruskys and Ruskayas are arming, and they are on OUR side. You know? The side of liberty? They are European by birth, but I’d count them as more American than what we are so pleased to call Americans.”

        I was thinking the same thing, #1. What crack have you been smoking, Fed up American in Kalifornia? Putin and his gang are NOT and will NEVER be our saviors. Go throw your shit somewhere else.

        1. I agree with you. Putin is a Bastard Commie POS. He is the enemy of the Russian nation to be sure.

          There are many Russian, Romanian, Polish, Estonian, Finish, you name it from eastern Europe who live among us now and see what is happening to American becoming the communist hell hole they came from. My family are German imagrants, and they are NOT NAZIs and love Liberty. They are not going to be your saviors, but don’t make the mistake on shunning them when the war we know is coming finally arrives. Take help where you can get it. People who lived under tyranny might just fight harder than you do when this fight comes. Your attitude does not sit well with the the right heart’s attitude in the cause of liberty either. You want to loose this coming war you just keep hating Europeans. If I may suggest?.

      2. Not talking about the Russian Government, and you are right on that note. The people are another matter. They in my experience are trying very hard to be like us, and revear our liberty. Yes including our constitution. They hate their covernment too. Also just as in this country they have militias with similar goals. LIBERTY. Germany is no different. My German relatives hate Merkel that commie POS. The liberty movement is not isolated just to our country. It is also global, just as the NWO is.

        1. I’ll agree with you on that point as I know from living and working in China that the Chinese hate their government as much as we do. You are right in that there is a difference between the people and the government itself and that’s what needs to be sorted out with the soldiers of any country when the time comes. They must ask themselves, are they for the people or for the government? Are they for the moral rule of law or the government’s immoral, perverted rule of law?

  6. Its something. I kind of got my proverbial hair blown back because I suggested that maybe these derailments were not the work of the Russian Federation Government. What possible reason would they have to pull crap like that? Who does Mark and Henry describe the crimes of a certain other pissmayer nation in the mid-east that has pulled all kind of crap like this in the past? HOY!!!! Who.

    I also suggested that your based on long conversations with Russian people both in Russia and this country that they revear our 2nd amendment and our constitution and are saddened on what is happening to These United states. That is my observations. On guy hates Russians obviously. He probably hates Californians too labeling all Californians as communists and doesn’t realize that a lot of us are so conservative we’d make Barry Gold water look like a lefty. This is not the nonsensical ravings of a crack smoker as was suggested, but discriptions of things I’ve seen and experienced personally.

    Guess some hate Californians too. Might also consider when this real war starts we Californians who WONT run or be run off will likely be the first to start bleeding for you all’s freedoms God gave you.

    Another thing How many of us are willing to give up all the Government socialist crap like Social Security, Medicare, Medic aid, and ALL of it. I am and so are all my immigrant relatives in California. If you are not willing you have to realize that you are actually a socialist and a communist. Smear Germans, Pols, Russians Norwegens, Dutch or whoever, but the fact remains that people like me will be doing the right thing as the patriots did in 1775 at Lexington-Concord, when the time comes. Where will you all be? What will you be? Patriots or Socialists? Retorical Question.

    1. Hey, in all fairness, I never labeled all Californians as Communists, just mostly their politicians. However, I’ll believe your “Russians are our friends” thing when I see it.

    2. I was raised in, and still live in L.A.

      Anyone who’s been posting here any length of time knows this.

      What they (and I, as well) REALLY hate about this state are the Zionist pigs like Feinstein & Pelosi, that laughingly pass for politicians in this lunatic asylum.

      I live here, and I really hate this state.

      On this subject, I’d venture to say that I’m well qualified to critique.

    3. By the way, what we are talking about here is Russian and foreign troops on U.S. or another country’s soil without anyone knowing. If you’re talking about Russian people or German people who have immigrated here and have changed their nationality over the years, then that’s a different story.

      1. I have to remember that a huge minority of what General Washington attached Trenton with were Germans. Another FACT is that there is a long 300 year history of Germans in America. At one point the national official language voted by congress won out over German by 1 vote. Germans are part of the European fabric and DNA of our country as are later Russians in the 1860s. Pols, as well. I am well aware of foreign troops in America. I’ve done interpreter work on military instalations and have seen it first hand. I’ve even told my German relatives to kind of spread the word about cooperating in some kind of NATO or US peace keeping force. Be it German, Russian, British, Dutch, Belgium, I have no inhibitions on sending them straight to hell. All it means that I can speak several languages is that I can better interrogate prisoners or translate com traffic. 🙂 I have traveled widely in Europe including Russia, and know who and what they are, and have studied them extensively and lived among them. So darn much like the Germans its a wonder they ever fought. The fact remains though that our biggest danger is a 5th column of American communists in our midst. People are communists and are so brain washed to snuggle up to the NWO they’d turn nose on patriots in a second. Believe as you will till experience changes your mind, but one thing I’ve learned from a fighter pilot relative who told me: ” Ignore the propaganda, and focus on what you see.”. We are going to see just how many patriots hold the line too. I’ll be watching for fence sitters and back stabbers too, and will know what to do then too.
        Zionists may be part of the problem, but they aint all of it. Lots of idiot sycophant gentiles work for them and the Hansa League who are Europeans partnered with them. I would predict that we are going to see allies from surprising quarters. Its part of that “focus on what you see” thing again. Its good to be clear on what is REALY going on and not burn cycles chasing non-existent enemies when you have proven ones you can see touch and send straight to hell. Bottom line is your points are well taken and I’m certain you mean well. 🙂

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