Train transporting military vehicles Salem OR 12 15 13

Published on Dec 16, 2013 by SakTraffic

Train transporting military vehicles Salem OR 12-15-13

Train with military vehicles in transport through Salem Oregon 12-15-13 about 3:30 p.m.
There are no military installations nearby. Traveling North to South. Missed the first portion of the train, about 20 seconds before video began. Very unusual for this area

One thought on “Train transporting military vehicles Salem OR 12 15 13

  1. Yea and I’m sure they are all just being transported to some Lockheed Martin facility in California, ready to be shipped off to some other country like those other tanks on trains riding around in California.

    Honestly, it makes me think that California is going to be invaded with tanks and so on really soon. Maybe Obama is getting ready to release a nuclear bomb in California or announce a fake nuclear radiation or bomb threat in California to help Janet Napolitano and her minions to officially make California, “Commiefornia” by bringing in the foreign troops, DHS and whoever passed Obama’s, “Yes, I will ignore the Constitution and kill American Nationals who get in our way” test.

    Scary times, people. Stay Vigilant.

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