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Trencher Alert: Our Brother Millard Has Moved On To The Next World

I received an email this morning informing me that our brother Millard had passed away on Saturday.  Millard was very well known in the Trenches.  He and Diggerdan were my friends.  After Digger died it had been Millard’s intent to come to Oregon where we would take his ashes to Gold Beach where Dan grew up.  His failing health made the trip impossible.

Millard was a true friend to me.  Though I never had the privilege of shaking his hand, through email and phone conversations, we had become very close.  I last talked to him I believe it was about a month ago.  I hadn’t seen his comments so I had called him.  He simply said he was okay, but he was backing away for a little bit.  I knew his health was failing.  I wish I could have had the time for just a little more conversation.    

I’m going to miss Millard, as I know that many of you Trenchers will.  He was usually soft spoken, but none could match his determination once his mind was set.  He cared about his family, his country, and about his people in general.  Bob gave of himself to his effort here and we shall sorely miss him.

I wish you a pleasant journey, brother, and say hello to Digger for me as you are probably already sitting down with him, enjoying a fatty of the best the next world has to offer.

Here is a copy of the email I received which will inform you where those who wish to can send flowers and condolences.


I am Bob’s son. I was also a friend of digger Dan.  Your site meant a lot to Bob and I wanted to say thank you for being a friend. He passed peacefully surrounded by family after a brief medical episode. Thanks again.


Obituary for Bob Goodrich

Robert Henry Goodrich (60) of Durand, WI died Saturday, November 18, 2017 at Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI. He was born January 4, 1957 in Durand, WI; son of Robert and Denise (Nicklas) Goodrich. He graduated from Durand High School in 1975. Following high school Bob attended UW-Stout where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Vocational Rehabilitation and later received his Biofeedback certification. .

He married Jane Metcalf in January 1986. Together they had a daughter, Amber.They later divorced. On June 29, 1990 he married Kathleen (Klevgard) Krumrie at Hope United Methodist Church in Eau Claire, WI. Kathleen died May 21, 1994. Bob worked as a biofeedback therapist at Luther Hospital in Eau Claire. After leaving Luther he worked various jobs around the area.

In his younger years, Bob earned his black belt in Taekwondo. He enjoyed coaching and playing basketball with his children as well as camping, boating, fishing and playing cards. He loved spending time with his family on their camping trips at his island on the Chippewa River.

He is survived by his children; Amber Goodrich, fiancé Lance Bauer of Durand, WI; Danielle Goodrich of Eau Claire, WI, Ryan (Ericka) Krumrie of Green Bay, WI; Megan (Adam) Horkey of Green Bay, WI; six grandchildren, Emma, Katie, Russell, Nora, Karla and Lennox; sister, Nancy (Douglas) Brantner of Durand, WI; brothers, William Goodrich of Menomonie, WI, Richard (Laurie) Goodrich of Durand, WI and Jeffrey (Ann) Goodrich of Durand, WI; aunts, Mary Jane Schomberg of Onalaska, WI and Janet Nicklas of St. Paul, MN ; nieces, nephews and cousins; He is preceded in death by his wife, Kathleen; parents, Robert and Denise Goodrich.

A graveside service will be at 3:00 on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 at Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand with Pastor Dan Richardson officiating. Friends may call from noon until 3:00 pm at Goodrich Funeral Home in Durand on Wednesday.

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54 Responses to Trencher Alert: Our Brother Millard Has Moved On To The Next World

  1. Katie says:

    I miss you Millard and will miss your great feisty comments.

    Blessings to all your children and grandchildren.

  2. Enemy of the State says:

    Sorely missed for sure
    , I was wondering why I had not seen many comments from him lately.
    Rest In Peace fellow trencher

    I recently lost one of my best friends too
    53 too young . And Millard at 60 … still too young
    Such a battle to stay in the fight



  4. Joestp says:

    Millard, you’re a great man and I will miss you brother, RIP.

  5. mary in ND says:

    My deepest condolences to all of Bob’s family and friends. I loved his no nonsense comments here. Henry, I recall the video of Bob paying tribute to Diggerdan and I was so moved at the love displayed to his (and your) friend. In that video he focused a moment on his grand daughter and said (Paraphrase) ‘this is what I am fighting for’…..that touched my heart….love and hugs to all…..

  6. Jamal says:

    My sincere condolences. May God bless and keep him.

  7. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    God bless you Millard, thanks for all the wonderful phone conversations. I will miss you my friend. We almost met a couple of times, sorry to say it never materialized.

    See you in the next life, rest in peace.

  8. CathyVaughan says:

    It is so sad to see that Millard has passed away. He was a great American and will be missed by many. God bless his family and may he rest in peace.

  9. Sunfire says:

    My deepest condolences to Millard’s family. I will miss his witty comments and good humor. Millard, you fought the good fight, now enjoy all the rewards that the after life has to offer!

  10. Jolly Roger says:

    Boy, that sucks. First Digger Dan and now Millard.

    I only know him from his comments here, but it was enough to tell me that he was an honest and intelligent man, and I wish I had known him in person.

    My best wishes to his surviving friends and family members.

  11. Bill in IL says:

    Terrible news! Condolences to Millard’s family.

  12. Ed Teach says:

    My condolences.
    Millard was a great guy. He is already missed and that won’t change.
    Smoke a fatty with diggerdan and keep one warm for the rest of us for when we join you guys. Hope the fishing is good up there brother.

  13. Martist says:

    Missed you already from not hearing from you in a while on FTTWR, Millard.
    Sad that’s not gonna happen until we meet in the beyond hopefully. We’ll pick up your end for the time being so enjoy your rest and peace. This really is hard because he was so young.

    My condolences to his grieving family and friends everywhere and FTTWR.
    He was loved and respected here but I can’t imagine his family’s loss. Peace, love and comfort to you all.

  14. tess says:

    My Prayers and Condolences to the Family and Friends of Millard.

  15. SpikeTimmons says:

    Rest in Peace brother! Our condolences to the Goodrich family. We will miss you man!

  16. NC says:

    OMG! I can’t believe this. He was like a brother to me, too. We’d talk on the phone and I’d send him stuff every now and then. This is absolutely shocking to me. I didn’t even know he was sick.

    May you Rest In Peace, brother. Sorry we never had a chance to meet up but you’re in a better place now.

  17. DL. says:

    RIP, Millard…was wondering what happened since you hadn’t posted on here for so long. God be with the Goodrich family, in Christ’s Holy Name, Amen.

  18. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This is truly sad news… I had no idea he was in such poor health, but then it’s been quite a while since we talked on the phone, ever since my old phone was shut off (2 1/2 yrs. ago, only Henry & Angel have my new #).
    The first time we talked was when Digger called me, and Bob was there with him. After Digger passed, he asked for my e-mail & #, and we would talk every couple of months or so. I wish I had called him with my new #, but the sad truth is that I’m becoming less & less sociable the longer this insanity continues.Trenchers are about the only sane people I can relate to anymore (I have only 2 friends here who are fully awake, they’re few and far between in small towns like this).

    You will be sorely missed, Millard, by myself and all the Trenchers.

    Rest in peace, my friend.

  19. Bob M says:

    The good people are the most hurt by the tyrants. Watching light turn to darkness, realizing the insanity. You fought the fight Millard, regardless of your pain. That’s a real man. RIP Millard, and condolences to the family.

  20. Norm says:

    God Bless…!

  21. Paul says:

    Another REAL man gone. Another empty void in my heart. You and Daniel were trusted and loyal friends. I can see Digger laughing, saying welcome Millard, with a big grin on his face and a fatty in hand (fresh rolled), and maybe a swig sitten on the ground next to the rock he’s perched on by the river. You two have a lot of catching up to do.
    Your laugh was contagious, as was Daniel’s. In the time I have left here, I intend to pass on to others some of what you, and Daniel passed on to me.
    What an honor it is to have known you. You will always be in my heart.
    Eyes are flooded. Gotta go.
    Love you brother.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:


      Please keep strong brother, stay tough for us all, guys like you don’t come along everyday, I hope and pray your strength is forthcoming your an inspiration around here. Dummies like me look up to your every word, I mean that sincerely Paul. I’m 59 years old, and I feel like a cerebral punk around you, I also mean that sincerely, there are a couple of people around here that would love to comment on that. I’m sure.

  22. Joe from the Carolinas says:

    RIP Millard, may you be kicking ass with Digger Dan in the next existence and contribute your fighting spirits to all patriots.

  23. SKYWALKER says:

    R.I.P. DAMM…..WE’RE LOSING ALL THE GOOD ONES—Guide us and watch over us from above brothers

  24. Swifty Lomax says:

    R.I.P. Millard

  25. Hal Apeeno says:

    This is sad news.
    I’m at a loss for words now.
    Rest in peace, Millard.
    Prayers toward you, and your family.

  26. galen says:

    Thank you, Henry, a beautiful tribute to Millard. Support and love to his family.

    One thing of comfort I feel is we have a true ally on the other side; that’s another source of strength to draw on.

    Blessings, Millard. Peace and beauty surround you.


  27. Pat says:

    Travel well, Millard. Will be burning a fat one in your honor, Space Truckin’ just for you…

  28. flek says:

    Bye Millard.
    Sure will miss your intelligent insight,
    snappy wit, and smart humor.

    Take care Millard wherever you are!


  29. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Right now they are placing the wreath which we the Trenches purchased, in its rightful place for the service. It was a beautifully done wreath, white rose in red and blue trim. Really nice!

  30. Katie says:

    Thank you Mark and Mary for sending on behalf of the Trenches. 🙂

  31. BMF says:

    R.I.P., good sir.

  32. christopher heid says:

    We will always keep you in our thoughts Millard.

  33. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Many thanks to the Trenchers who helped out… much appreciated.

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