Trenches t-shirt home


The Liberty Tree FTTWR t-shirt has finally found a decent place to hang. It’s on the wall of # 1 NWO Hatr & Nottoobitter’s living room in Sweet Home, OR. From L.A. to Corvallis to Sweet Home. We still haven’t figured out how to frame it.


10 thoughts on “Trenches t-shirt home

  1. Hey #1!

    You should be able to purchase a poster frame at a hobby shop such as Michael’s for a reasonable price (if you have one in that neck of the woods). That way the shirt is encased with glass, and will keep dust from collecting on it.

    Nice hat! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Deb. We don’t have one here (small town… love it!), but I know there’s one in Corvallis, and I think there’s one in Lebanon, which is closer.

  2. Nice! Glad to hear you are out of LA and into Oregon. At least you’ll have less Commies and illegal Mexicans to deal with.

    1. Less illegals (not seen one in over 3 days) yes but this place has MORE commies per capita. In fact Oregon has more communes and cults than any other state. So many people here think health care is a right and my gun should be locked up until I sign it out at the range.

  3. So where is this national treasure enshrined or do we need to declare it’s presence alone as holy cloth and hang it next to the Shroud of Turin! 😆

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