Why I left L.A.


This is the reason I left L.A. O.K., granted, it’s not the ONLY reason (too many to list here), but it IS one of the main ones.

It appears the so-called ‘government’ believes people are SO stupid in L.A., that they require written instructions on HOW TO CROSS A STREET!!!

Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times I actually have to agree with them.

(Trenchers excluded, naturally)

6 thoughts on “Why I left L.A.

  1. I’m glad you got out of there #1. We are beginning to look like LA here in Vegas also. Can’t wait, I only have till Jan 1st and I will be out of here.

    1. Glad I’m gone too, REDHORSE. My sanity was hanging by a thread.

      Rather save going postal for those who created this nightmare.

  2. When I was growing up, signals were “Walk” and “Don’t Walk”, but that was when English was a required language in this country.

  3. Modern Day sheepherding. In San Diego, people JUST CANNOT CROSS A STREET – any street – without waiting to be ‘told’ to do so.

    There’s no need to practice ‘population control’. Americans will do WHATEVER they’re told to do, and calling them ‘sheep’ would elevate their status, as sheep often do think for themselves.

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