Truck driver caught texting about texting laws

Fox News

It’s one thing to get caught texting while driving, but getting caught texting while driving about texting while driving? That’s a new one.

It happened to a truck driver in Kent, U.K., on Tuesday after police pulled him over for using his smartphone behind the wheel.  

When they took a look at his phone, they were “gobsmacked” to discover that he was reading a WhatsApp message from someone about the penalties for using a handheld device while driving, SWNS reports.

“Just seen the driver of this vehicle texting whilst joining the M2 at J5, what was so important?,” they Tweeted.

Police added that they had educated him on the subject, apparently by hitting him with the current maximum six point penalty and £200 ($275) fine.

One thought on “Truck driver caught texting about texting laws

  1. I don’t approve of these laws, but anyone steering several tons of steel at 60 mph should really be watching the road.

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