6 thoughts on “Truck Stops And Snow For Thanksgiving – This Is My World – Feeding The Masses

    1. Unfortunately that isnt going to happen Mary, stuck here with a short walk to the store for hot dogs and unappetizing deli. I’ll get a belated Thankgiving meal down the road someplace, no big. Ill be stuck here for awhile.

      You have a great one yourself as well Mary.

    1. In a way yes Katie,

      I’m on a regulated time clock. I had to stay idle for 34 hours. I just decided to stay a little longer because of the weather. I’ve been running my ass off, needed to chill a bit. Originally, the plan was to find me a load back to Vegas for Thanksgiving with some family, that didnt happen. Really dont feel like renting a car so here I sit. No big deal, I’m used to it.

      Holidays with family is a luxury in this business. Especially if you work for somebody else.

      The weather is going to suck for a couple days so I’m stuck in it anyway. Just putting off the inevitable.

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