Trucker group threatens nationwide strike over Biden election

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A group that describes itself as a “banded group of brothers and sisters” who want “to show America who runs the country,” is threatening to shut down America’s trucking system over issues connected to the election of President-Elect Joe Biden.

There’s talk on the ‘Stop the Tires’ Facebook page, which quickly garnered 51,000 members, that a 24-hour strike could begin today — Veterans Day — or possibly over the Thanksgiving holiday to shut down the industry on an important shopping and shipping weekend.

They’re protesting the potential of a new Green Deal under Biden or the stoppage of fracking.

The creator of the group, Jeremy Rewoldt, said in a Nov. 7 post, “We will not participate in the leftist, Biden/Harris Green New Deal.” He added, “We do not support the banning of fracking … The United States of America operates as a capitalistic economy and OIL is the fuel she survives on.” On the page, a woman named Cara Carroll is named as co-founder of the movement, and she says the strike is meant to “protect 19 million jobs.”

So far, the call for a one-day strike seems to be all talk, as the trucking industry is humming along.

Larry Fuentes, the manager of a large logistics company in metro Detroit told WWJ his truckers have not joined it, but “I can have some understanding of what they’re coming for. Their livelihoods are at stake.” He added that a strike would devastate the industry.

Samuel Ford, a truck driver from Brownstown, Mich., added that he hasn’t joined it, but the drivers in the strike group have a point. “Truckers are very often overlooked … But they do have a very significant say-so over how this country is run,” he said.

On the topics they say they’re protesting, fracking is a process by which oil is extracted by drilling thousands of feet into the ground and injecting water and chemicals to break up layers of rock. Some environmentalists fear the chemicals could leach into the water system, and a recent report blamed fracking for a series of earthquakes.

Trump has signaled support for fracking, while Biden has said he would not ban it outright, but would consider banning it on federal land.

On the Green New Deal, some progressives in the Democratic party had proposed it as a way to demand that Americans use only renewable sources of energy. While he has repeatedly said, “Climate change is the No. 1 issue facing humanity,” Biden has not supported the Green New Deal.

Beyond that, admins on the Facebook page say that drivers face “domestic terrorism” in cities run by Democrats. “Let us make this extremely clear: While we are a huge group of Republicans and conservatives, our focus in this movement is our blue-collar workers of America,” co-founder Carroll wrote, adding, “We are extremely grateful for what Donald Trump has done for the American people.”

WWJ News Radio

5 thoughts on “Trucker group threatens nationwide strike over Biden election

  1. 4 million over the road trucks on the road, if you add in all the local trucks now its 25 million trucks. 85 percent are foreigners.


    The Russian mafia runs the trucking east coast, if their not in your corner, your a one legged midget in an ass kicking contest.

  2. Dummies. Gonna threaten to shut the country down over a dimwit Trump!?
    You’re no different from the other idiots that “run the country.”

  3. This seems unlikely
    Pockets ? Maybe
    But whole sale entire trucking industry
    Nahh , not a chance
    Too much money riding on them moving

    I know Mark knows , but to own and op a OTR Rig , takes big money
    And if that truck ain’t moving
    Neither is the money
    So unless we’ve ALL lost our minds
    I don’t think this make this wet dream true

    Notice they used the word “ group “

    The loads that “ group” stops moving will be picked up by working truck drivers that have bills to pay
    My opinion

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