True Patriotic Video Games About The Bill of Rights?

I’ve just finished reading about another shooting in Denver, Colorado. Supposedly, another 18 year old teen shooter was one of two suspects involved in a Highlands Ranch, Colorado school shooting, 1 dead 7 injured. To me, this rings hollow. This type of thing has been going on for years, so much so that we just breeze over the headlines. As I was reading this I starting thinking to myself, what kind of video games do these supposed shooters play at home with their friends?   

Indoctrination and mind control is something that we hear about, and talk about at the Trenches a lot. We see garbage daily about video games that are based on heavy gun use, achieving nothing but indoctrinate young minds that cause nothing good to help American Nationals achieve their goals in restoring our Bill of Rights, only in slaughtering people for the simple fun of it.

Video games are played by millions and none respect the Bill of a Rights and the restoration of our freedoms given to us hundreds of years ago, at least I haven’t found any.  Video game production is worth billions, producers of current content are making a fortune as our so called leaders are trying to take away our guns, yet okay the production of heavy needless content of murder and slaughter.

Why? I’ll tell you why, because such garbage destroys young minds, bending their minds, and contributing to the reasoning behind the elimination of the second article.

I would love to see video game content which involves the fight for the return of the Bill of Rights and the good fight for the restoration thereof. What we have now is garbage achieving just the opposite. Our kids are being programmed to help the killing of the Bill of Rights, obvious on its face.  THINK ABOUT IT!

One thought on “True Patriotic Video Games About The Bill of Rights?

  1. Today’s kids are literally too stupid to understand that when they kill someone, there is no restart button they can press to bring those they killed back. These are times when some people have no regard for human life. To them, it’s no different than killing a bug.

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