Trump considering Fiorina for director of national intelligence: New York Times


U.S. President-elect Donald Trump spoke on Monday to former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina about the job of director of national intelligence, the New York Times reported, citing a senior Trump transition team member.

Fiorina, once a rival for the White House Republican nomination who clashed with Trump during primary debates, visited Trump Tower, his transition team said on a conference call.  

(Reporting by Tim Ahmann; Writing by Eric Walsh; Editing by Doina Chiacu)

6 thoughts on “Trump considering Fiorina for director of national intelligence: New York Times

  1. Here’s Carly Fiorina from one who was inside HP during her disgusting reign.

    Compaq (DEC) bought out HP with HP’s money. Kid you not what a screwy deal that was. We got hold of the EVA disk array that was not finished in its development hand had some segnificant design flaws. They had a hard time fixing that array because the designers treated like crap and promptly went to work for DELL. It was a period of a couple of years before that thing worked properly. Int the mean time HP lost even more ground in that business space.

    Then they ditched the Virtual Array because of of some wacky decision not to change to a new processor that would have boosted it performance over the original procesors which were not being made anymore anyway in house. They killed their own chip production too. To replace it would be the EVA from CompCrap. OMG!!! When I got hold of it I soon realized that HP was sold a bill of goods with their own money. That POS almost finished HP as a company. Enterprise computing was even more fun and games with the Proliant servers. Now they are actually pretty good inspite of the brain drain from HP/Compaq to Dell, but back then? OMG Again they had a lot of problems. HP led by Fiorina I saw many many good people go out the door who were idea people with PHDs. They sent their RND right out the gate. I saw it with my own eyes what Carly is.

    It gets even better. We got an e-mail inviting us to bring our children to a swimming pool to have an afternoon of fun with GAY PEOPLE in a “GAY OUTREACH” function. People who raised an objection to this function were fired. I know. I saw it! That was pushed by Carly Fiorina. She had HP sponsor “Lesbian” bike rides also.

    Carly Fiorina is not only incompetent in business, but is in my opinion completely insane, and quite probably a homosexual PERVERT!!!

    Trump wants this POS in government circles? He isn’t even in office yet and already he’s a walking nightmare. Yes we aren’t probably going to war with Russia ending in a nuclear exchange, but Trump is going to start a war with the American Population. I’m sure General “Mad Dog” Kelly of DHS will be rounding up millions of Americans, or killed in the pruges to come. We knew he was a New Yorker TURKEY!!. Lets just avoid the christmas rush and start hating him now?

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