Trump Gives Saudi Prince A Big Wet Kiss – Wants Us to Buy his Bag of Crap

Incredibly, royal subject Trump has given the Saudi Prince a pass on suspected mastermind of the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. The whole world knows what went on here, everything points to a corrupt Saudi Prince, but Trump is playing his Trump card, oil. Another one of many blatant cons he’s trying to splash on Americans thinking we are going to buy it.  

America is currently the leading producer of oil, we produce more oil than anybody, we have for a long time now, and that is what makes all of this Barnum and Bailey circus barking so ridiculous, and a three card monte con from a man who is fast losing his touch.

Oil prices have been on the down swing lately, still high for a country that is the largest producer of the stuff, but is being used as leverage by Trump in his latest reasoning for the low prices; he is giving the Saudi Arabia Prince a pass, and the reasoning for the so – called low oil prices, a real doozy of a load of crap.

He wants us to believe that if pressed the issue of the Saudi Princes involvement, the price of oil would have sky rocketed, something that is laughable; he calls it a tax break to all Americans, incredible isn’t it? I mean Trump is literally giving a head of state a free pass, suspected of brutally torturing and killing an American Journalist.

American oil prices are a joke, way too high, as it is one of our most valuable natural resources. We should only be paying pennies per gallon, just as the Saudi subjects have been, and still are.

Trump has reached into his bag of tricks, trying to pull the wool over Americans eyes. Another con from a man who needs an engineer to comb his hair, a man who sprays liquid glue on his head to keep that youthful appearance, hair so in place, that it would take the power of a hurricane to mess up, just like his BS about this oil con, spraying the Saudi fiasco with liquid con, so Americans would buy why oil prices are supposedly so low.

Oil is being used as a political ace in the hole, a mechanism to con smart American Nationals. It’s a gift from Mother Nature and this idiot we have for a president is using it, once again, as something we are led to believe is a privilege, and not a right.

We are being led to believe that Russia and other oil producing countries would have reaped hundreds of billions of dollars of oil profits if Trump would have pressed the Saudi Prince issue. So who is the real chump here?

One thought on “Trump Gives Saudi Prince A Big Wet Kiss – Wants Us to Buy his Bag of Crap

  1. Y’all don’t suppose that Kashogi thing was like a Sandy Hook fabrication? Far too many reports coming with immediacy and officialdom, complete with Hollywood double knot spy narrative.
    Jus sayin’.

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