Trump Hates Women, Wants to Screw Them, Oh My What Shall We Do?

Unless you are living under a rock, you are very aware of the so called bombshell dropped on Republican nominee Donald Trump, but unless you are stupid you cannot at this point in the ballgame deny that this whole election is nothing more than a production designed to achieve the impossible.

With both sides of the false left/right propaganda machine, working in unison, you have admittedly the sleaziest most immoral creatures that exist in our society pretending to pass judgment from a self declared hypocritical position of righteousness.   

Long before this farce of a fraud of a production of an election ever began, the international elite, the Bilderbergs, the G20, the IMF, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, and the Rothchilds had already chosen their next CEO to occupy through fraud the people’s office of the presidency of the united States of the Americas.

Hillary Clinton has committed espionage and treason while holding a public office.  This is not my opinion; this is a fact of law.  The fact that she has not been tried and executed, as this is what this crime dictates, is absolute proof that there is no law, that the Bill of Rights and Constitution have been removed, as the written law has become unenforceable through the occupation of the enforcement positions by a lawless criminal cabal.

These criminals, as they occupy our highest seats of power and are the Electoral College, have no problem through the mechanism putting a felonious traitor into the highest seat of power.  The only snag is in getting enough people to accept the unacceptable to give the appearance of legitimacy.

This election should not be happening as it is null and void through the lawlessness.

The Patriot Act and Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act have absolutely, through dictate without authorization or consent from the people, suspended our Bill of Rights.  Without that Bill of Rights we are not free to do anything.  We are subjects without free will.  We are slaves and to pretend that a slave makes any decision is erroneous.

This is beyond disgusting, but just for a second look at what these immoral parasites calling themselves journalists are trying to get you to swallow.  Hillary Clinton has committed espionage, international fraud, has armed and colluded with international terrorists, has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and per the administrative statutes binding to every American, cannot serve in any office of public trust, as it is documented that she has violated the public trust as the Secretary of State and a private citizen.

She is the Democratic nominee and somehow this violation of the law is acceptable?

On the other hand, a man, Donald Trump, eleven years ago said he wanted to screw a woman, and he should step down and let the sleazy treacherous violator of the people’s rights, Mike Pence, go forward as the Republican nominee?

Don’t get me wrong, I know Donald Trump would have no problem finishing off our Bill of Rights and instituting a totalitarian police state, and that is really not the point.  The true unbelievable outrage is that they are going on with this pathetic display of aristocratic assertion of absolutism they are calling an election.

By law, if there were any law, this election would have been stopped a long time ago.

Turn your back on them.  Refuse to vote.  Refuse to participate.  Refuse to acquiesce.  We cannot save that which is lost completely.  This unconstitutional running violation of our people’s Bill of Rights international criminal cabal, from the corrupt meter maid to the corrupt Oval Office, must be removed by force because they intend to use force in their enslavement of we the people.

God save the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free nationals of the united States shall prevail.

76 thoughts on “Trump Hates Women, Wants to Screw Them, Oh My What Shall We Do?

  1. Nope, men never talk about women, sexual exploits, or how “manly” they are. Women never brag about their affairs. Everyone lives on “The Little House on the Prairie”, back in the day when it’s inexplicable how the species survived when pleasure was sin and everyone was “prim and proper”. “Missionary position, insert once, pull back, repeat as necessary. No lights, you can’t look at nothin’, and you better not tell your mom. Remember, sex is bad for ya. Just keep your eyes closed. It’s sinful to admire nakedness, public flogging will be the punishment.

    And now, Trump, as we’re discovering, is the typical American male. And all these hypocritical a**holes, who are all guilty of the same s*it, point their finger at Trump. Trump is a typical American male, richer than most for sure, and they are bitchin’ about it. Again, it’s the pussification of the American male in a female dominated media.

    “Wants to screw them.” Well Duh!


  2. I have a solution.
    We let Loretta Lynch kick him in the balls in a commercial break during the next debate.
    Then when they come back the first question to Mr. Trump would be….
    During the intermission Mr. Trump.
    I’ve overheard the audience saying your nuts.
    How would you respond to that..?

  3. “On the other hand, a man, Donald Trump, eleven years ago said he wanted to screw a woman, and he should step down and let the sleazy treacherous violator of the people’s rights, Mike Pence, go forward as the Republican nominee?”

    This is how simple it is to torpedo a ‘campaign’.

    Madam president.

    Dead on… as always, Henry!

  4. Excellent article Henry. May I suggest this gets posted and re-posted every day so it stays on the top, until election day. Also, I would have put in, “Refuse to commit treason.”

  5. Apparently the people are not allowed to have men in positions of leadership.
    America has a homosexual sissy in the white house now.
    If Hillary can not be selected, there is talk of Michelle/Michael to take her place. That would fit the agenda best. They would be putting a transgender dominant in the white house.

    The best thing that could happen to this country is to be like Spain. For 9 months Spain has been without a government and the people are just fine with the situation.

  6. I don’t like what Trump did over 10 years ago; however, it would not stop me, a female, from voting for him. What man or woman has not talked like that. Yes, women also make the same kind of comment. If it is said women don’t talk about men in the same context, they are not being truthful. We are all human, we look, we talk and we make comments we should not make from time to time. We are all guilty.

    As for Hillary, she lies to cover up lies. She aids her husband in his conquests by threatening the women. She gets rapist off with little or no jail time and blames a 12 year old girl for the incident, not the rapist. She has not taken care of our ambassador and he and others were killed on her watch. I would not vote for her if she was running for dog catcher or garbage collector. She deserves to be in jail for treason and who knows what other charges she has been able to weasel out of over the years.

    Yes Trump will get my vote. We are all human.

    1. btw, the scumbag jews he’s fronting for… they consider ALL non-jews to be soulless animals.

      NOT human, in plain English.

      Red pill.

    2. Sally Jane, had you have read the article, you’d not be voting for Trump, probably.
      I’ve never seen you post here, so I’m assuming you are not to up to date as to the reality of the situation within this country.
      I recommend you actually read or re-read what was written, and then ask yourself if you will vote for Trump or anyone for that matter.

          1. No one can come to this site for that length of time and not see dozens of articles about the total fraud that voting is… it just isn’t possible.

            I went with brainwashed, as opposed to troll. I think we have a solid reputation for tremendously trashing trolls at FTT, they know they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell of fooling anyone (even if Henry does let them through occasionally) here these days. Had I thought she (if it IS a she) was a troll, I would have lambasted her no end.

            I kinda miss that sometimes, though.

        1. Wow, I guess if anyone thinks for themselves and has their own opinion you label them as a troll or some other name if they don’t goose step like you. Hate to pop your bubble but that is what freedom is all about, which you claim to embrace. Anyone who complains and has no solutions is a whiner. I also have been coming here for the last year because of the information, but most of us can make up our own minds and have our own opinions. No need to shame others because they don’t see things the way you do.

          1. “… if they don’t goose step like you.”

            GOOSE STEP???


            F%&KING MORON!!!

            ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
            ……….”…\………. _.·´

      1. As I see it we again see this as another picking the lessor of two evils. We know there is no way the NWO is going to be trumped they have a plan and its really really audacious and that is to steal every vote they can for Hillary. Why they have dead people voting, illegals, early voting mail-ins, and in Texas they are fooling the people going door to door to get a petitions signed that is really a vote for the Queen.

        Maybe I have turned into a suspicious anarchist but Americans were fooled before with Pirot and Ron Paul not finishing the race and then Obama with his hope and change that I have become cynical and no longer trust anyone in the position of a candidate.

        I have not voted for decades.

    3. The Trumpraeli will get your vote…???!!! Really,? To do what exactly? Please enumerate what specifically this new god of the ruling class above us plebes will do, as the HNIC…

      Please enlighten us how he will bring the great American sovereign country to this “great” place he claims he will…!

      Will he upon taking the CEO position immediately abolish, the IRS, the Federal Reserve? Will he order all unconstitutional agencies at every level of government closed and abolished permanently? Will he disband all corporate law enforcement agencies, will he make it a high crime for anyone to violate the bill of rights let alone alone arrest and prosecutions for victimless crimes…which can’t exist…will he recall all US military from every land abroad? Oh no we couldn’t do anything like that could we..!

      I could go on all f’n day with the mere basics of what he would absolutely have to do upon taking office, in order to make America great again as folks like U seem to want…

      Well I got news for u, my America has always been great, it resides in my heart as a seed of freedom, personal, individual, sovereignty & liberty, it does not involve a bunch of egomaniac, psycho globalist ruling class scum having some fictitious authority over me and my own, which is enforced against us at the local levels daily, yes, I’m one of THOSE scary people who actually believes in Freedom, unlike people who still think voting is a good thing, it is simply treason…

      Anyway, at least u are here and will get an earful, it takes time for many who have been indoctrinated since birth to understand what the original people’s uprising was all about at the start of “America ” & it wasn’t to replace the English monarchy with a corporate ruling class….yet that’s what happened…! Think free, be free, then get ready to have to fight for it….voting for the man who was already vetted by Aipac & Kissinger can do nothing…

      Fed Reserve & IRS will be as strong as ever, & that’s what they care about…!

      Got to eat breakfast now, read and study more, welcome to the trenches…!

  7. One big difference is between thinking and doing. We all get thoughts that come in from different sources. Some are our own and others are not. Yet, as they come in, we think/consider them. If I were the Donald I would respond along this line of thinking and then point out that I never acted that thought out. Then, ask, how many times Bill not only ACTED on similar thoughts without the females consent. And, how Hillary as an accessory after the fact, initiated cronies to investigate persecute (using the IRS), humiliate, threaten etc. the many women Bill attacked. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees which is Hypocrisy.

    1. Who gives a shit? Trump is for the Zionist Jews. He’s for more war, more police state, more treason and more death and destruction or country and way of life. No offense, but whoever he’s f**king or wants to f**k is the least of our problems right now.

      Point is he’s just as bad, if not worse than Hitlery in every sense of the way. Both are equal in their treason and both will not hesitate to tell the enemy to put a bullet in the back of your head.

      Hang ’em both!

      1. I don’t think he’s as bad. She is deeply entrenched in the system. He’s breaking in.

        I suspect, if he’s elected the financial crisis will happen right away. If she’s elected, they will continue to try to kick the can down the road. It’s coming either way.

  8. It must be a virus, contagion, or something that, as soon as men get to D.C., they got a “woodie” on. Or are politicians so full of themselves, they just walk around D.C. looking at the statues and playing “pocket pool.”

    One giant cesspool of turds floating around is the best description of both the Senate and the House. Yep, stinkin’ up the place, s*ittin’ on their
    constituents, because they’re riding the “Gravy Train”. The “presstitutes” are all bought off and CNN is fantasy land. What a system we got, totally corrupt and rotten to the core. There is no fix to this, it needs to be purged, burnt to the ground, and we start over. Not one of the “old guard” can remain. Then, the laws are in place, we just have to ensure that they’re enforced this time, unlike what’s happening today with all the criminals in the seats of power.

  9. I knew Trump was part of the game (and full of it) in 2011 after the release of the Obamalama’s birth certificate. I will be glad to have Hillary in office considering everyone hates her (its a puppet position anyhow). Trump supporters are dangerously dumb statist cop suckers. We have a better chance of getting the 2nd War for Independence started with Hitlery in office, we just need to use the Trump supporters as cannon fodder to reduce their numbers (toss the nation under one god folks in the meat grinder as well).

  10. No arguments from me, Henry. Under another article this morning, I made a related comment expressing my frustration at the amount of attention given to this non-issue of Trump’s sexual blather. What people should be worried about isn’t where he sticks his you-know-what, but how he’ll stick a fork in the Bill of Rights by further empowering the police state.

    And then there’s Hillary. Now THERE’S a true supporter of women. I’m sure she feels tremendous heartache over all the women who have been brutally maimed or killed in various countries due to conflicts she helped to instigate. Isn’t that right, Hillary?

    Both Trump and Hillary can go piss up a rope. But since it’s pretty certain that one of them is going to be elected, I hope it will be Hillary. I’m convinced that a Hillary presidency will wake up a lot more of the militant gun-owning demographic to the realities of post-constitutional “America.” In contrast, a Trump presidency is likely to put most of those same people into a complacent stupor — or, even worse, it could cause them to knowingly embrace a “Fourth Reich” in America. Hell, I’m already seeing bumper stickers with slogans like “Defend Freedom, Beat Hillary.” How retarded and/or delusional does a person need to be to believe that Trump is a defender of freedom?!

  11. Seems to me if Trump wanted to fondle/fornicate with the woman, he didn’t HATE her, he appreciated her, although NOT the way in which I would think Jesus would approve, so I cannot condone his mindset, particularly since he is married.
    I think those who truly hate women teach them to shun men and become homosexuals, to kill their unborn children, or are the type to threaten to have them killed if they expose her rapist husband as the evil creature he is.
    Arm, Equip and Train as Militia; the time is drawing near.

  12. It appears you think I am a troll; however, I am a human female who reads. I agree, the world is in one big mess. What choice do we have? We have Hillary, who is human, who has a proven record of lies, treason, responsible for an ambassador and others being killed, not counting the $6,000,000.00 she cannot account for when she was Secretary of State. Unless people have forgotten when she and Bill left the White House, they stole items. Some they paid for, others, they had to return. How many times has Slick Willie been in sexual scandals? It is more than one and Hillary has helped him by threatening the women. She should have walked out on him, especially after the Monica scandal. Bill and Hillary, two of a kind, out for themselves, making money anyway they can. By the way she calls us middle class a basket of deplorable. When Hillary got the rapist a shorter sentence after raping the 12 year old girl, that proved she has no respect for women.

    As for Trump…he is also human. Trump is a blowhard. I realize Trump said those things 11 years ago. I realize things in this world are more important that what is said. Yes he has been married 3 times and has never held office nor been in service. He does have a business approach and maybe that might be what this country needs. I really don’t know. Yes, Trump says what he thinks and it may not come out of his mouth politically correct. When things come out not politically correct, people get their panties in a wad and start fussing.

    As for my experience in my 74 years of life, I can relate to him because I came up in the School of Hard Knocks. I raised a son who did over 20 years in the Navy. Some days I never knew where our next meal was coming from. I worked 2 and 3 jobs at a time. I never depended on the government for a handout. I worked my butt off. My jobs covered anything from cleaning dog kennels on weekends, taking in sewing, to bartender in a strip joint, working in an office, also worked in a chemical warehouse loading/unloading trucks and last but not least I worked in nursing education for a major rehab hospital.

    What did I learn about people talking about people and touching them inappropriately? Well, first off I can tell you I had more respect from men in the strip bar than I did working in an office as a secretary. In the office I was continually having to avoid men when I had to go down stairs to another area. I was constantly being cornered in the stairwells. I was not the only female that was being cornered. I was not dressed sleazy, I was dressed in a dress or suit. This was back in the late 1960’s. As for working in the warehouse, I was the only female working on the dock. I needed to make more money so the company let me try out for a month on the dock. If I held up a month, I had the job. Well, I made the month and then many more years. I heard all kinds of talk from the guys so nothing surprised me, nor did it offend me. Now when it came to working at the hospital and sometimes my job had me working on the floor with the patients. I have news for you if you are ever in a coma or cannot do things on their own, you would be surprised about the stories that came out of both women and men nurses/techs about the anatomy of the patients and what they would like from these sick people. I understand that is very unprofessional, but it is done. Yes folks, hospitals are full of that kind of gossip.

    Regardless of where one works, they will hear these remarks and they will either be ignored or you will go to your supervisor. So what happens when you see something wrong or it happens to you, you tell your supervisor, then you are told go talk to the other supervisor and in the end nothing gets done and things remain the same. You learn over the years, get over it and move on, do your job and try to avoid the person causing the trouble. As I said women talk the talk just like a man. It is not talked about when a woman does the talk, just the men. Most all people are guilty of talking trash talk about someone at some point in their life. Talking it is one thing, touching is another. I would say very few people can say they have never said anything inappropriate. People are human, they are going to talk and then somewhere, someone recorded you and it comes back to haunt you when you least expect it.

    The main question is which one, Trump or Hillary will be best for this country. Hillary does not have a good track record. Trump has a business track record with both good and bad aspects. Myself, I would have to go with the one who tells the truth. So call me a troll or whatever, I call it how it is. If what Trump said was so bad he is not wanted in the White House, then why did the government allow Bill Clinton to stay as President when he did much worse, he used the Oval Office for his personal satisfaction? Sounds a little fishy to me.

    Just my opinion folks, go do some reading you might learn a thing or two.

    1. Since your life, limb or property is under NO threat of force (physical torture) if you don’t vote, your casting of a vote will result in VOLUNTARY co-operation with the enemy occupying all seats of government and BETRAYAL of every American National in this country.

      You say “you’ll go with the one who tells the truth,” and that one being Trump, explain how he can speak the “truth” when speaking in VIOLATION of the 2nd and 4th articles of the Bill of Rights, OUR LAW.

      He is advocating for the infringement of the 2nd article, and for no due process of the law i.e.- stop and frisk.

      All of this is based in law, not your or anyones opinion, and the conclusion was that you were not a troll, but brainwashed, which I concur, and by the way, this is not an insult to you personally. Many years of propaganda and a removal of our common law and Bill of Rights can only result in ignorance, although there is a cure if one desires.

      I suggest you tune into the radio broadcast M-F 2-4 p.m. central time.

    2. Sally Jane,
      Our objections to Trump have nothing to do with his personal conduct eleven years ago, but it does have something to do with the things he said.
      He has declared he will return the power to the police. These are the unconstitutional, unauthorized by the people, corporate enforcers who are murdering our people daily, Kelly Thomas, James Boyd, Eric Garner, Miriam Carey, just to name a few. And nearly every day we see another American national executed by these illegal policing forces.
      He has said he will strengthen the military, which is not our military, but rather a United Nations international corporate enforcer military that is slaughtering people around the world to take their resources for the international Zionist Jews who have infiltrated what used to be our government.
      He has stated emphatically that he will put Israel first and continue to send our children to slaughter in the name of the Zionist empire.
      He has said if you are put on a government list, which cannot exist as it is forbidden by the 9th Article as no authority can exist for the government to put anybody on a list, that you can have your 2nd Article, unalienable right to bear arms removed, again, with absolute zero authority as not only was no such authority was granted, but again, it is absolutely forbidden by the 9th Article.
      He wants Stop and Frisk, forbidden by the 4th through the 8th Articles of our people’s Bill of Rights. Is that okay with you?
      He has said he will make government bigger and stronger as our rights are now suspended.
      We are under occupation by foreigners from all over the globe who are taking our country and plan to kill every one of us.
      Trump was asked about the Constitution and Bill of Rights the other day and refused to even say the words.
      Trump is not going to reinstate our Bill of Rights. Are you content without them?
      Again, this is a foreign occupation and anyone that participates in this election is by definition of our language, aiding and abetting an occupation specifically designed to dispossess and kill our people.
      Now, are you an American national, one of our people, one of our tribe, one of our family, or will you embrace those who seek to destroy all of the above?
      As the article stated, and physics and logic dictate, we cannot select any leadership again until our rights are reinstated as absolute and uninfringed, as we do not possess our own will and thus cannot exercise our authority to that will.
      You say we need to do some reading. No, mam, you are the one who either cannot see or refuses to see the whole truth. No disrespect intended. Will you deny the Patriot Act, which suspended our 4th through 8th Article guaranteed protections in direct violation of the 9th Article of our Bill of Rights? Are you denying Sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act which authorizes military arrest of and indefinite detention for American nationals without due process of the law? Or did you just not read these violations that cannot be as the 9th Article states emphatically that no government authority can be created by the Constitution that denies or disparages the rights of we the people.
      Mam, we have no Bill of Rights right now, hence we have no country and the very idea of an election is the farce of all farces. That is as nice as I can put it.

      1. Awesome response, I hope now she’ll actually go “Read” these things, & come to the light in the trenches…:)

    3. “It appears you think I am a troll…”

      No, it appears you somehow misread my comment. I said exactly the opposite…

      “I went with brainwashed, as opposed to troll.”

      “The main question is which one, Trump or Hillary will be best for this country.”

      If you FULLY understood our current situation, you wouldn’t even CONSIDER asking such a question. There is NO BEST. There is NO LESSER OF TWO EVILS.

      “As for my experience in my 74 years of life,…”

      Age is no excuse… I’m 63, and there are those out there that are older than either of us that have been awake for FAR longer than I have.

      “Myself, I would have to go with the one who tells the truth.”

      You mean like EVERY SINGLE PREVIOUS CANDIDATE (going back decades) has? SERIOUSLY??? How can you watch this b.s. for THAT MANY YEARS, and still not figure it out? What, just because he’s NOT a ‘politician’, that somehow makes him CREDIBLE??? The guy’s a freakin’ BILLIONAIRE, and I can tell you without fear of contradiction (not here, anyway) that he doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about you & yours. PERIOD. You’re falling for the exact same ‘Hope & Change’ bullsh#t that Obummer was shoveling 8 years ago. See where THAT got us? CHUMP IS NO DAMN DIFFERENT!!! Stop falling for the banana in the tailpipe… wake up & smell the coffee.

      “What choice do we have?”

      That’s the easiest question of all… BUT… you probably won’t like the answer.

      We are completely out of options at this point. The psychopaths (yes, they are certifiable) in charge are being exposed daily, the internet is becoming their undoing, which is why they have to take total control of it to shut down sites like this one.
      They are going to try to kill a few hundred million of us, but there’s a problem with that. Way too many of us are armed – WELL armed, in fact. So their best bet is to attempt killing us off surreptitiously ((chemtrails, Fukushima, & GMOs are already doing that), most likely with ‘vaccines’,… Zika is looking like a highly viable candidate right now.
      If all else fails, they’ll simply declare martial law, and start shipping people off to FEMA camps, and executing them next to the ditches.
      None of this is conjecture on my part, everyone here at FTT has seen the evidence of what I’m saying.

      So, to answer your question “What choice do we have?”

      None whatsoever. We will fight this communist insurgency POSING as our ‘government’, or we will die trying.

      One choice still available to you is to buy guns & ammo, if you haven’t already done so. It’s your only chance to survive what’s coming.

      1. O.K., you wanna know how long it took me to type that reply?

        Neither Henry’s OR Katie’s replies were there when I started. Slow as molasses.

        1. Funny! I figured you were away or were typing your comment, all in all, I didn’t figure this would get away from you.

          I’m glad I took typing in high school, it sure paid off with the net, although forming my thoughts is what takes me the time, thus resulting in molasses.

          Anyway, you got your point out, and an excellent point at that.

          1. To be perfectly honest though, Katie… Ryan got home while I was in the middle of it, and we were having a conversation while I was finishing it. Still…

      2. I agree, we have no choice. You did not offend me. Out of the millions of people in America, Trump and Hillary are the choices we are left with, how did that happen?

        Yes, I understand Trump is a billionaire, as is Hillary. How did each make their money? Hard to say…was it honest or by dishonest means? I don’t expect anything from him or her to help me.

        The best us old folks can wish for is good insurance, Social Security to remain solvent and they at least give us an annual raise to match the cost of living increase. I realize they use a certain formula, but maybe look at a different way of figuring it. As for insurance once we reach my age, they do not want to treat you if you have a serious condition. They want to give you end of life counseling and hope you die and push up daisies. I don’t want that. I am not ready to check out just yet.

        Yes, I have guns and ammo. I also have my Heirloom seeds for planting and not that GMO modified crap. I know how to preserve foods and more. I am or can be pretty well self sufficient if I need to be. I keep a stash of staples rotating them out. I grew up on a farm, know how to butcher, and milk cows, make butter, etc.

        If it is not one thing, it is something else. If government does not kill us or attempt to get rid of us with all the crap they spray in the air, put in the water, it will be the radiation from the nuclear plant that got destroyed in Japan in 2011. It is now killing the Pacific ocean and it will not be long before we will have more coming in here. Take a look at the radiation maps from time to time.

        This world is a frigging mess and getting worse everyday. If there is a nuclear war, there will be very little left that escapes the contamination.

        Yes, we need a strong leader. Another 4-8 years of what we have had, there will be nothing left of this country.

        I feel for all the babies born today and my grandkids. What kind of life are they going to have if they even reach our age?

        Yes we need a positive change. We have the choice of the worser of two evils. I cannot tell anyone why we ended up with the people to choose from that we did, but that is our voting choice. As for me I would take Elmer Fudd, or another Looney Tune character. At least Elmer Fudd carries a gun, so that shows he believes in defending yourself and also for hunting.

        So for now God Bless and hope for the best. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

        1. Simple, we ended up in this mess because people continue to vote which gives this enemy force in occupation the facade of legitimacy, pure and simple. Rather than having exercised the purpose of the right to bear arms which is to throw of tyrannical govt. we have failed in our duty.

        2. Sally Jane….good points! I noticed that some of the commenters here always throw in “their laws” and “their rights”, yet refuse to use their right to vote. WTF? So just take their advise and roll over, do nothing….doesn’t matter according to them. And if you’re locked out of the site, just use TOR.

          1. MK,

            Yes, people here tend to value their rights. But if those rights were respected and sacrosanct in US law as they’re supposed to be, then voting would scarcely matter, since the damage any elected official could do would be minimal.

            As things currently stand, why vote when the only real choices we’re given are between candidates who promise to continue violating our rights, and who are vetted for their allegiance to Israel, bankers, and other special interests? Elections in the US today mean nothing more than they did in the USSR.

          2. “yet refuse to use their right to vote. WTF? So just take their advise and roll over, do nothing”

            Wow! So you’re saying, voting for a fraud in a fraudulent election is doing something? Are you even listening to yourself?

          3. Here’s some law for you.
            The people at the inception of this country were guaranteed the common law, which is the Bill of Rights, complete with the procedures. That common law has been removed via the removal of the Bill of Rights and our common law courts. It has been removed by an insurgency resulting in occupation. Our form of government has been usurped and again, this is an occupation that is putting on this fraudulent election.
            We are going to take this country back and reinstate our common law as the superior law it was intended and under that common law I guarantee you I can charge you with aiding and abetting a foreign occupation in voting in a fraudulent foreign occupation election, which equates to espionage and treason, and you will, absolutely, be convicted prima facie as you are absolutely guilty, prima facie.
            It is real simple, when your country has been invaded and occupied and you cooperate with the occupiers, you are a f#@king traitor to your people, and when those people regain the country, your punishment will be righteous justice.
            Does that clear it up for you, you arrogant pr#@k?

        3. Anyone not voting is probably a Jehovah Witness. They don’t believe in voting. What these long winded posts are complaining about is no matter who you vote for, it’s a crypto Jew. That is correct. However, there is more to our country than fear of Jews. We have to live here, pay taxes and obey the laws. Oregon is a brainwashed state where the people live in fear of zoning laws. It’s how the state makes money. It is total BS that voting for Trump or Hillary makes one part of the problem. God is still on the throne and in control, not Satan. Satan can only do what God lets him. We don’t know if this country is going to have its eyes open or die. A no vote is a vote for Hillary. I don’t want open borders or a North American Community so will vote for Trump.

          1. “It is total BS that voting for Trump or Hillary makes one part of the problem.”

            You’re joking right?

            “A no vote is a vote for Hillary. I don’t want open borders or a North American Community so will vote for Trump.”

            Oh brother, not the “A no vote is a vote for (insert somebody here)” excuse. That argument is so old and weak that it can’t even stand on its own with crutches.

            Are you really that clueless? Trump wants the North American Union. He’s for the North Dakota pipeline which is a part of it. He’s for the Zionists who are also a part of it. He’s a businessman and if you think he’s not for the TPP, you’re on crack. And if you think he’s going to close our borders, you’re living in LA LA Land. He’s already decided to give illegal immigrants a chance. He’s reversed everything he’s said from the time he started running for office. He’s stabbed his supporters in the back and the dumbasses still support him. He’s a fraud in a fraudulent election. He’s a Mitt Romney flip-flopper like the rest of them. He’s a bought and paid for controlled opposition candidate and you’re voting for him.


            Wake the f**k up!

        4. ‘Yes, we need a strong leader’……….not me….I don’t need or want any stinkin ‘leader’…….Hillary is the poster child for radical lesbianism controlled by the chosenites………Trump is controlled by the same

      3. Good response, #1;
        Honestly, I have no dog in this fight (the election) since I disdain cooperating with the illicit CORPORATION. That entity is NOT our Constitutional Republican form of Government, but a foreign invading force-in-occupation masquerading as the true government of the united States of America.

        I WILL say that I absolutely hope Shrillary dies on or before election day and whatever non-vote is being prepared is never appreciated by her, since she will at that point be burning in a fire that is never quenched.

        I hold a nasty grudge against her and her husband and their minions…. one that has existed since the first time they were thrust upon our nation in the early 90’s, and that will only be satisfied at the Great White Throne Judgement, where the creatures who have lived with disdain for Yahweh God and His Saviour to men Christ Jesus will be declared with authority to have been the corrupt devils that we all know them to be at this point in time. I pray all who read this are on the right hand of the Throne of Grace when that Judgement comes down…. from it there is no other escape.

        ” This second epistle, beloved, I now write unto you; in both which I stir up your pure minds by way of remembrance:
        2 That ye may be mindful of the words which were spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour:
        3 Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts,
        4 And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.
        5 For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water:
        6 Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished:
        7 But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.
        8 But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
        9 The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.
        10 But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.
        11 Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,
        12 Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?
        13 Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.
        14 Wherefore, beloved, seeing that ye look for such things, be diligent that ye may be found of him in peace, without spot, and blameless.”
        2Peter 3:1-14 (KJV)

        Salvation is the free gift of God through the sacrifice of Christ Jesus on our behalf, one that cannot be earned or merited through your good behaviour – it must be accepted completely and wholly on the merits of Jesus’ sinless life, and received as the free gift it is by faith. There IS NO OTHER WAY.

    4. Ms. Jane,

      I’m not going to call you a “troll” or any other names. Those who are doing so are expressing their frustration, as many of us have been trying for years to wake people up to the dire situation we face in this land.

      It’s important that you realize that this is not the country you or I grew up in. America has become very much like countries we once condemned, such as the former USSR and East Germany. Perhaps in some ways we’re still better, but in other ways we’re even worse.

      *** The main question is which one, Trump or Hillary will be best for this country. ***

      Why does it have to be one or the other? They’ll both be atrocious. But even if we got a good president in the Oval Office, it STILL wouldn’t be enough to save the country.

      *** Myself, I would have to go with the one who tells the truth. ***

      Then you’ll have to go with neither Hillary nor Trump, as others here are urging. Both major candidates are absolute liars, and that is nothing new in an election for a major US office.

      The federal government is no longer legitimate. It does NOT serve the population, but exists only to perpetuate itself and serve whatever special interests can pay it the largest bribes. Rather than voting for a new president of this federal government, we should be hoping for its collapse.

  13. I don’t vote, don’t file taxes, don’t give a spit about the left/right commie coin.
    I know the 10 articles, and know what the Constitution is for.
    Plant seeds where possible, if it’s a blockhead I move on, and all the time preparing for what’s eminent.
    Can’t shoot a mite off a ticks ass, but close enough. (laughing)
    That’s all I got to say about that….

  14. Between Henry and #1, that’s the best synopsis of what’s happened and where we’re at. Crystal clear, concise, it covers the obvious and blatant corruption of our so-called leaders in D.C.

    “Vote for Hillary, no, vote for Trump.” Don’t it make you want to puke?

    And today, Eddie Munster (Paul Ryan) dis-invited Trump to his campaign rally when word of what he said 11 years ago came out. Hey Ryan, why don’t you and the rest slowly step out of the closet and drop the hand lotion you hypocritical dickwad! Everyone knows it’s one giant circle jerk once you get to D.C.

  15. Damn! I sure miss your articles, Henry. Always powerful, straight and to the point and you tell it like it is. Excellent article, buddy!

  16. Three posters here must be spoken to in parables because they have eyes but don’t see, and ears but don’t hear, and hearts that have waxed cold.

    When you get what you think you want, it is you who cannot complain, for it will be you who brought it upon yourself as well as all those that will be affected by you ignorant stupidity.

  17. I got to sati agree with Hal. No paper no info no notta. Any who good post Henry. Hopefully I can scrape some Jew dollars together for a donation. One last thing, I too also had the idea that if one were to vote, vote kilrery, we can get this party started waay faster. Time will tell. It’s getting exciting (yet ghastly serious).

  18. I don’t know whats wrong with people that participate in this fraudulent system. Some you can tell to their face that our government has been overthrown long before we were even born, that the international Zionist Jews infiltrated the government at every level, and they just look at you like your nuts. You can throw facts and figures at them, but the truth is most of the people in this country are brainwashed. They think that voting for Trump is somehow going to change the downward spiral this country is in. As JD has said many times the ballet box will not fix things, the only way to fix the mess we are in is the cartridge box.

    For all the brainwashed people that still vote, you are aiding and abetting a foreign occupation. This means when the bullets and ballets stop flying you will be charged with treason. I personally don’t want to hang you for voting, I think the noose will be red hot from all the politicians and bureaucrats that will hang, but at the very least you will be sent to a re-education camp, so those Fema camps around the country may come in handy.

    1. I doubt our people are going to hang those cooperating through voting, but they will be deported. They do not get to stay among us as they will have betrayed us as a people.

      1. But Henry, these fools do not understand they betrayed us as a people. Look at them as poor dumb animals, you ether eat animals or keep them as pets. Perhaps we can train them. I would prefer the Fema camp for them so we can rewire their brains to the reality of their mistake. If we deport them that just sends more stupid people out in the world, a world that needs no more stupid people. Come to think of it, I would rather hang them than depot them. Besides what country would want them?

        1. You can’t install balls at a FEMA camp and in reality, that is their biggest problem.
          As for where to send them, well the answer is out to sea. 🙂

  19. Excellent article, Henry. A litmus test. 🙂

    Andrew, I hear ya man. SMFH is all you can do with that level of stupidity. Useful idiots will always serve their masters to the end.

    They would accuse a homeless guy of lying to them to get $5 for booze.

    They believe in “a few bad apples” spoiling the barrel of pigs.

    They watch corruption at their local level where politicians scramble and screw people for a seat, some “power”, and hundreds or a few thousand zollars.

    They see ministers, priests and rabbis use their position just to get a few extra bucks and kiddy-diddle.

    But the seats at the very TOP would NEEEEVEEER be used to get all the untold wealth, fame, fortune and power that all the others only dream of and abused for far lesser gains, would they?

    Yes, let’s support ANY of those at the top of the pyramid, despite knowing who they serve and surround themselves with because I reaaally believe the words they said.

    Maybe it’s the costumes that fool them?

  20. Best of 2 Evils.

    Both are tools, that are allowed to live as long as they play ball in name of the masters. If they don’t they get JFK’ed and the nation a nice full television broadcast complete with life insurance commercials.

    Sit back, vote or don’t, at least you got something to do while watching the show and be entertained by the waves in the masses and how they run from one side of the fence to the other by the slightest boooooh.

    We either get Communism, or Fascism for the masses and keep Capitalism for the Masters. Either way its controlled by the masters behind the curtain in the smoke. The difference is what happens with the situation at home and how the Police state will gets worse and its steel toed boots keep kicking our rights, while the media keeps portraying that All lives matter even blue lives and things are going better, while the execution squads keep picking of people that could or (might) would do something. (Happened with strong and intelligent slaves before, and history is hard to be learned from.)

    Hillary will get the US in a hot war with Russia, that will end up with no winners except maybe a couple of Jews in israel crawling from underneath their rocks and inheriting a wasted world they can rule over as only humans alive, something they have dreamed and schemed for for ages .. Wow, how jealous I would be to be alive in that world among the wretches. Or we get Trump, that the masters have their controlled world unite against and get into a hot fight to discard what they will call the new Fascism. Either way, we are screwed and only to have the masters finally discard of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and about 11/12th of the human population.

    I must say up to this moment, I am very amused by it all. and noticing the number replies in this thread, so is everyone else.

  21. Great post, Henry (and I would have posted this yesterday but as usual my internet sucked thanks to rain and fog all day). I won’t be voting of course, but still…if these idiots can make a big deal over something Trump did 11 years ago, I can’t wait to find out (since I don’t watch MSM I won’t see it) what they’ll do when they find out Trump cusses…I don’t know what pisses me off more–so called morality types that claim it is “sinful” to cuss every now and then as well as do sex out of wedlock is a crime, when these people praise genocide of Palestinians, or removing or impeaching presidents simply for sex reasons, instead of the fact that they are traitors!

    1. Excellent points DL. Let’s all twist our testicles in a knot because Bill got a hummer and Obama’s a flamin’ fag. Never mind those Palestinian children who die everyday under the Israeli jackboot. Never mind the F’N joos controlling our government. Never mind the insatiable greed of the joo. They live among us, screw us the best they can, and then cry foul if anything goes against them.

      The “Chosen Ones”, chosen by Satan to wreak havoc upon humanity. I would not shed a tear if they all vanished. Then we could “doze” all remnants of this filth and start anew, with all of Satan’s little helpers (joos) dancing in the flames of hell. Anti-semantic? Damned right!

  22. I just read all the comments and I’m a bit surprised that no one mentioned that even if both candidates were acceptable (and there were no electronic voting machine shenanigans), the electoral college — not the popular vote — decides who is the next president. We the voters no longer matter; there are no legitimate presidential elections any more. And, even if that were not true, even if magically elected, what would a good president be able to do? Not much before he/she was “JFK’d” as one wise poster put it. Anyone who so much as suggests a reexamination of 9/11 would suddenly have a “heart attack” or meet with some other unfortunate “accident.”

    I myself have not voted since Cynthia McKinney ran for President – and I knew then that it was pointless. I see even less point in voting now. To Sally (and others who are planning to vote), as I understand it, the US IS a corporation, and its board of directors chooses the puppet they want to install as CEO. Some folks like you may not know all that, and it’s a real shock to the system when you first learn how things really work. I was depressed for years after I figured out – in 2006 – about 9/11 and what really happened, and that led to a lot of other painful discoveries. (Now I’m surprised when anything I hear from a politician or mainstream media is actually true.) No one is allowed to achieve a major party nomination unless they are on the side of Israel, bankers, and the military/industrial complex (and unless they have major skeletons in their closet that make them controllable). Furthermore, Clinton/Trump are friends; they play for the same team. They probably attend the same satanic ceremonies!

    Anyway, I sense you are trying to get up to speed. I bet we could learn a thing or two from you, too (esp. about slaughtering livestock, milking cows, etc.). I hope that the regular posters on this site will continue to educate all of us, as they have me over the years; there is no need to turn on each other or shun folks for not immediately being where we’ve spent many years getting. They (as I) have a lot of pent up frustration due to people being very thick-skinned and unable to see what is going on right under their noses. These precious rights get eroded little by little, and they NEVER come back unless by force. Ben Franklin said it best – people who give up their freedom for a little security deserve neither freedom nor security.

    But old Ben also said that we must hang together (or we will surely hang separately).


    1. “The US IS a corporation, and its board of directors chooses the puppet they want to install as CEO.”

      True, so true. Thus lets stretch a little further. 😉
      If it is a corporation, then “We the People” in the role as people not involved (any longer) with the policies of the Corporation then some fake elections (where they can choose from what they are supposed to select from) can go on strike until they (Our so called Representatives!) acknowledge (Again!), that this corporation only exists because of the Contract, and a (fair) Contract has for both sides Rights and Duties. Only Slaves have duties without Rights or Taxation without Representation. This founding contract also makes it so hard for our Masters to have their representatives (who mask as our representatives) dissolve the bonds of the Nation and replace them with a position among the other nations in the New World Order. {That is the rotten part of having the Americans believe (And maintain that thought.) that they are Free and are special with a Contract that acknowledges Rights.. They will actually defend that thought to the death even if it ain’t true.} They (Them representatives.) can only speak for themselves as Government or for the Masters. Not for the Population, since giving up Rights (Voluntary or Mandatory) is NEVER in favor of a population.

      The word Conspiracy was invented by the CIA so goes the meme, but a couple of weeks after JFK spilled the beans with exactly that word he was executed. Probably by the people that he trusted would protect him with their lives. The rot goes deep.

      1. TranceAM,
        Was that JFK’s speech at American University? Very good speech. And so very sad for us what happened.

  23. Treason:
    Giving aid and comfort to the enemy.
    “1. the offense of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill its sovereign. 2. a violation of allegiance to one’s sovereign or to one’s state. 3. the betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith; treachery.”
    High treason:
    “Treason against a sovereign state.”
    The clarity of this word is important in order to understand the voting issue.
    The 14th amendment when read as it is written (outside of word art) explains the situation. (remember your old English of diagramming sentences? try that on this line)
    “But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the executive and judicial officers of a state, or the members of the legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such state, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such state.”
    This says “the right to vote”…”is denied”…”except for participation in rebellion”
    In other words, if you participate in the rebellion, you can vote!!!
    This rebellion is not against United States (a foreign Corporation) this is a rebellion against the people (the sovereign) and the common law (sheriff, justice of the peace, coroner, constable, maxims of law, the constitution for the united states of America, and those of the several states). So when one votes in the corporate (U.S., United States) election he is participating in a rebellion against the people (the sovereign) and their law (self government) (the Bill of Rights encompassing a portion of it) and it is therefore treason, giving aid (consent) and comfort (political power) to the enemy.

    1. Excellent comment, to the fact. I don’t think this is too much to require the owners and custodians of this country to understand. Our allegiance is to one another and not to any government, as the intent is for us to be self-governing under the common law Bill of Rights, apart and free of any regulation of any government.

  24. “It has been removed by an insurgency resulting in occupation.”
    Thank you Henry.
    And that’s IT! Besides the ignorance, dumbing down, and lack of excepting RESPONSIBILITY!!! of most “Americans”
    For those that know, know.
    For those of you who don’t, take the ‘very’ short, and meaningful sentence above into your mind.
    Keep it there until you think that you can realize what the hell he is talking about.
    Ask questions. A lot of folks at the Trenches can help.
    Sure they may be feisty and independent, but also happy to ship a tampon if need be.
    This voting crap done got me worked up. These POS’s only care about their own, and their Master’s interests and not YOURS! How fu##ing hard is that to figure out.
    Responsibilities!!!!…… We all have them…….YOURS ARE NOBODY ELSE’S!!!!
    I gotta go or a sailor will sound like a saint…..

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