7 thoughts on “Trump MADE BIG MOVE On BORDER CRISIS!

  1. Like watching a fkg cartoon. These clowns havent done shit to protect us from invaders, I post this shit to show you guys why I dont watch TV anymore. I just can’t do it.

    This crap will put you in the emergency room if you watch it long enough.

  2. I’ve canceled regular TV
    Cable and Satellite

    I like being able to choose where I get my info
    MSM isn’t one of them
    It’s been many many years and I don’t miss it one bit
    And from the shit I see posted from regular TV I’d say I ain’t missing nothin
    Least not the lies , misdirection and all about the “ look at me’s”

    1. There is no special place to watch, just pick anywhere and watch the cartoon.

  3. Everyone talks about “changing laws” while no one enforces any of the ones we already have.

    I haven’t watched TV in years, when my mom passed, I cancelled the cable as only my mom watched it. I only have Internet and phone now.

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