Trump And Putin Call Terrorism The Key Threat And Vow To Join Forces To Defeat It

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WEB Notes: Russia and the United States have been working together in Syria for several years now. We have posted numerous articles on this fact and then you have the video imagery we have shown as well and we have links to all of this in our study, “Signs, Seasons and the Escalation of Events in 2016“.

We are now going to see even more cooperation between these nations including the European nations. trump and putin have both called “international terrorism” the key threat we face today. Of course this is a manufactured threat as we have pointed out over and over and we will include our own video documentation below as well. The world has been issuing calls for several years now to unite in order to fight terrorism and even under the new trump administration we are hearing the same calls.

Trump orders ISIS plan, gives Bannon role in revamped National Security Council

President Donald Trump on Saturday ordered the Pentagon to devise a strategy to defeat the Islamic State and restructured the National Security Council to include his controversial top political adviser, as he forged a partnership with Russian President Vladimir Putin in their first official phone call.

Trump and Putin spoke for one hour and vowed to join forces to fight terrorism in Syria and elsewhere, according to the White House and the Kremlin, signaling a potential shift in U.S.-Russian relations that have been marked by high tension.

Meanwhile, Trump signed a presidential memo directing the Pentagon to submit a plan within 30 days to defeat the Islamic State, an effort to make good on his campaign promise to more aggressively confront Islamist terrorism than President Barack Obama did.

Source: Trump orders ISIS plan, gives Bannon role in revamped National Security Council – Chicago Tribune

Putin, Trump discuss anti-terrorism coordination, agree to keep in touch

“The pressing international problems, including tackling terrorism, the developments in the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the strategic stability and non-proliferation area, the situation around Iran’s nuclear program and the Korean Peninsula were discussed in detail. The key aspects of the Ukrainian crisis have been touched upon as well.

It has been agreed to establish partner-type cooperation in those and other areas,” the Kremlin press service said in a statement. The priority was set on joining forces in tackling the key threat, which is the international terrorism, the Kremlin said.

“The presidents spoke in favor of creating real coordination of Russian and American actions with a purpose to defeat the ISIL (the former name of the Islamic State) and other terrorist groups in Syria,” the Kremlin statement reads.

Source: TASS

World Events and the Bible

4 thoughts on “Trump And Putin Call Terrorism The Key Threat And Vow To Join Forces To Defeat It

  1. Oh joy. Fascism and Communism unite. Since Donnie and Vlad are such good buddies, you’d think they’d share the same views on Zionist Israel. Funny how that part of their relationship is kept quiet.

  2. Terrorism is less of a threat to Western lives than falling furniture, yet we spend TRILLIONS of dollars in the name of “fighting terrorism.”

    What would a VICTORY look like in a fight against terrorism, anyway? Would it mean that no one ever uses that tactic again? How can military force today prevent the use of a tactic tomorrow?

    The “War on Terror” may be the single most irrational concept ever conceived by modern man. It’s just plain old f–king STUPID.

  3. So, after the U. S. and Russia defeat terrorism, who is going to be the next enemy to justify more government?

    1. Who’s the next enemy? ZOMBIES!

      I mean it sure as hell wouldn’t be aliens of the extraterrestrial kind. I mean if they let illegal aliens invade our country and other countries, I’m sure they’ll do the same with ETs.

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