Trump Releases His Plan For 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious

Published on Nov 13, 2016 by The Next News Network

Sub for more: | The Conservative Tribune reports, One common criticism of billionaire businessman and President-elect Donald Trump is that he far too often speaks in vague generalities and rarely offers specifics about where he stands on the issues.

12 thoughts on “Trump Releases His Plan For 2nd Amendment… Leaves Millions Furious

  1. Okay. It’s guys like this that really slice my cheese.
    He starts off by making very salient points about rights and the 2nd Article, but then in the next breath states we should maintain the status quo and maybe do a little more infringing because, well, people are all mental and sh!t.
    Maintaining the status quo is UNACCEPTABLE!
    Oh, but let’s all God bless Donald Trump cause he’s such a great guy an all.
    Everybody put your rifles away and go back to sleep. Trump says he’s got this one.

    1. Oh yeah. And at the end of this video, this worthless excuse for a human being expects me to watch a commercial that’s trying to sell me worthless sh-t that I don’t want or need.
      The fact that he is breathing means he’s wasting my oxygen!

  2. I’ll be dipped in Shelack!!! Wouldn’t it be something if the 1968 guncontrol act, and the 1934 National Firearms act got comepletly repealed? Wouldn’t it be something???

    If Trump is the maverick like many say he is we may be in for some pleasant surprises. I expected the worst always not to be disapointed, but already people areound the world are chearing his election. Russian are darn near dancing in the streets. They are scared to death of that creep Obama is going to push the button and blow them straight to Mars.

    Take a ZEN rock garden. You see how everything is so perfectly groomed and has its place. Throw one stone into it and everything changes. Some people are a “NEXUS”. When they move whole worlds seems to move with them. Trump may be on of these kinds of people and he don’t even know it. He may not even understand himself what he’s capable of. We don’t either, but both him, we Americans, and people of the world may be in for some very electrifying surprises.

    His wife is an educated woman from Europe and speaks 5 langrages. When was the last time we had a 1st lady who could act as interpreter for with Putin, Merkel, or Italian and French presidents? Finally we have some class in there rather than APES!!!!

    1. oh. my. gawd. trump is a fool and quite possibly a theif. i wouldnt expect to much…………………..

    1. I’ll elaborate, since when did Golfers in Chief ever tell the truth? We would be smarter to assume the exact opposite. There is no specific legislative action being proposed so why would the Trump click find it necessary to state such a thing (he already won)? Baby Bush passed bans on firearms imports in 2004 and the LGBTQWXYZionist douche bag media said nothing, neither did the “turn em into a glass parking lot”, “I stand with Israel” FAUX NEWS Limbag side of the coin.

      The more posturing I see here the more I see a false flag coming, I think this time it might be the dreaded oxymoron sovereign citizen evil working class white guy as the proposed perpetrator.

  3. His support of the Second Article is probably as deep as his willingness to prosecute killary. Within hours he wanted his idiots to thank her. He’s got plenty of time to flip-flop on his words and his attention span is limited to whatever his zio-joo masters tell him to do.

  4. Remember that his job is to stifle a popular revolution, so he’s going to say what must be said to quiet an angry population.

    No, there will be no more gun laws, because they’ve given up on that approach, and are preparing to employ a different tactic.

    Watch for a false-flag shortly after he takes office, which will begin WW3. We’ve been scheduled to lose WW3 for years, and it will end with the invasion of America by NATO and/or foreign troops.

    They don’t care if you own guns. They want you to kill off some of the invading soldiers, but not enough of them to keep our nation intact. (that’s where we have to prove them wrong) They have to get rid of people all over the world anyway, and this will help toward that end.

    Just a lot more dead goyim, and the bankers will watch us kill each other off for their sake

  5. The foreign troops are here now with more arriving every day from all over the world USA is just like Syria, being invaded by military age male aliens on the US taxpayers dollar. Jews demand your dollars now and later they’ll laugh at your blood just like they’ve done by invading the Syrians with Israeli commanded mercs.

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