One thought on “Trump San Jose Violence & Protesters, Edited & Unseen Footage

  1. This video should make it fairly obvious to all that these Mexicans are animals, so if you plan to attend a Trump rally, or go any place that these miscreants are running loose, bring a gun, a knife, a club, and whatever else you might need to beat this horde of sub-human trash into submission.

    Go in small, armed groups, and be ready to bury a few of these low-life pieces of trash in the interest of saving our country, and humanity.

    Look at their behavior. THEY’RE NOT HUMAN. They’re wetbacks, and they have no concept of how to live in a civilized society. We’re going to have to force them back to Mexico, or into the ocean, but it’s obvious that they’re not fit to live here, or anywhere else that humans have separated themselves from the animal kingdom.

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