Trump to Netanyahu: “We Support You 100%”

Published on Sep 28, 2018

Who is owned here? Indeed a sad state of affairs for the United States of America. Wake-up your friends who are sleeping… and, yes, Trump did indeed “change history” — he will be remembered as one of the most traitours Presidents the US has ever seen.

12 thoughts on “Trump to Netanyahu: “We Support You 100%”

    1. Every dime donated from this piece of shit came from gambling, adding more misery to the whole corrupt process of donating money. Might as well call it drug money.

    2. Ha, Mary, moments ago I sent in this Sheldon article for posting, and now find it here. Ha, we are on their tail!

      Yeah, Sheldon’s money isn’t going to one party or the other; it’s going to keep the whole charade in place, assuring Israel’s continued control. Disgusting.


  1. Antifa you violent Jewish loving shit bags get violent. At the border of turkey Syria Jordan and of coarse isreal.
    Join the army or get shot in the usa. For draft dodging. Even with out the draft Get shot you love the Jews die for for them.

    1. Israel was just given a trillion dollar contract to manufacture men’s hairspray, exclusive with the Trump name.

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