Trump’s Money

We’ve all heard many times about how Trump can’t be bought because he has billions of his own money, but has any of this been verified?

I’m not interested in his quarterly earnings statements or tax returns, because they could be just as fraudulent as Obama’s birth certificate, or the labor statistics, but instead I’d like to address this question logically, because in this world of deceit, that route usually brings us to our most accurate assessments of anything.   

Donald Trump is a real estate mogul. He owns skyscrapers, hotels, and casinos, but he didn’t buy or build any of it with his spare change. These buildings cost hundreds of millions of dollars, and are paid for by investors, or with bank loans, just like your house.

Unfortunately, luxury real estate has crashed in Manhattan. Expensive condos just aren’t being sold, and the prices of existing ones has nose-dived. Atlantic City, like Las Vegas, is on the brink of bankruptcy because Americans no longer have the discretionary income that recently paid for expensive vacations, and they can no longer afford to drop a few hundred at the black jack tables. Plummeting gas consumption tells us that Americans aren’t driving around the country anymore because they can’t afford to, so who’s staying in all those fancy hotel rooms?

The point I’m trying to make here, is that because of where Donald Trump has all of his money invested, and the hundreds of millions he must owe to banks, he probably has less money than I do, simply because I have no debt. It’s likely that Donald Trump is in the same situation as many American homeowners, who owe more on their mortgage than their house is worth, but of course, The Donald is underwater in a much deeper pool.

And nor would this be the first time this has happened to him. He was hundreds of millions in debt back in the 1990s, and for the same reason. This time around the real estate market is taking an even bigger hit, and casinos, his other investment, are getting hit hard, too.

In short, Donald Trump has all his money tied up in losing businesses and crashing investments, and due to the outrageous cost of building skyscrapers, he must owe hundreds of millions of dollars.

Since all of that makes perfect sense, let’s readdress the question of “can Trump be bought?”

I think that not only can he be bought, but if he doesn’t pry his nose up a banker’s ass real deep, he’ll be out in the street shaking a cup, from where he’ll have a nice view of his name being removed from big buildings.

Donald Trump is not, and never was the “self-made man” and business genius he makes himself out to be. He was born a multi-millionaire, because his father built “Trump Village” in the Brighton Beach / Coney Island section of Brooklyn, where he collects rent from about a thousand tenants, who are mostly elderly rich Jews. From there his father’s real estate and construction business grew into what “The Donald” inherited, and now lost, twice over. He presently sells his name recognition, because “Trump” has become a brand in luxury real estate just as Ford or Chevrolet are known for cars.

So if he’s that broke, how does he maintain a lavish lifestyle and fund his own political campaign? One way might be by selling his spoiled-brat bottom to the Rothschilds, who have been in the business of ruling countries from behind the scenes for hundreds of years, and now probably own as much of Donald Trump as they do the American “news” media, as well as the Federal Reserve.

“The art of the deal” he made is simple: “let me retire a rich man after losing all that borrowed money, and I’ll be the president who presides over the destruction of America”.

The rest is simple, because Americans have been controlled through the media for generations. They sell presidents just like a cans of soup, and rigged elections add insurance.

Now many will say “how can that be true when the Zionist media hates Trump?, because they’re forgetting that American now hates the Zionist media, and knows they’ve been betrayed by them.

One recent survey I saw say claimed that only a paltry six percent of the American population trusts the media, but that doesn’t mean they’ve turned off their TV sets; they just hate what they see, and know they’re being lied to, so as the TV pushes for Hillary as they’re doing, they’re actually boosting support for Trump.

Now lets take a look at the “alternative media” that overwhelmingly supports Trump. How many of those “news” outlets are telling the whole truth regarding the Zionist control of our country? There are very few of them, because the “alternative news” is for the most part, just another arm of the Zionist news, that seeks to manipulate those who no longer believe the original Zionist news.

The American population is on the brink of revolt, knows they’re being lied to by the media, understands that Hillary is a crook, and the powers that be (Rothschilds, et al) realize this.

Rothschild’s new boy, Donald Trump, has been sent in as an anti-establishment candidate, and immediately gets the support of the American population by telling them the truth about the bankers, the media, and government corruption, just like the Rothschild’s other boy, Adolf Hitler did. At the same time, we’re hearing about another Hillary crime every week, just to whittle away at any remaining support she may have left.

You see, with the population no longer controllable, the bankers will no longer be able to extract the wealth from the country as they did for generations. Without the ability to deceive the population and bleed us dry, their only hope is to send America down the tubes, escape with their heads attached, and return in the future, when things here have settled down. And this is exactly what the did to Germany before, during, and after WW2.

“The gig is up” for the bankers here, just as it was for Germany in the 1930s. They’ll grab what they can for now, destroy us in WW3, and return to rule us in the future, after the dust has settled.

Hillary is a sick woman, and in fact, could probably croak or flip her lid before the election. We’re finding this out now, but her handlers must have known this long ago. They put her in anyway because she only has to last until November. As a raving lunatic, she’s no good to the bankers in any other role than a shill, to provide false opposition to Trump, who will see this country destroyed. The Rothschilds certainly don’t want her to be president, and never did, because in her mental state she’s not even qualified to be a puppet.

Trump is the “establishment candidate”, and in fact, the installation of a radical puppet is their only hope of ruling a rebellious population. The third world war will begin with an attack here that Trump will have to respond to. We’ll lose the war, be invaded, and that’s when Americans are going to have to fight to keep this country, or they’ll be exterminated by the new communist regime. Trump is not the answer. He’s only paving the path to this country’s destruction.    — Jolly Roger

When I consider life, ‘tis all a cheat
Yet, fooled with hope, men favor the deceit;
Trust on, and think tomorrow will repay.
Tomorrow’s falser than the former day. — John Dryden

8 thoughts on “Trump’s Money

  1. This is an interesting take on things. With everybody from libertarians to David Duke to the alt-right going gaga over Trump, it is nice to see that some people have their eyes open. Of course, I knew that Trump -with his Jewish convert daughter and 1/2 Jewish grandchildren, Jewish business connections, AIPAC speech, and 2013 endorsement of Netanyahu for PM- was not going to stand up to the Jews.
    However, I had not thought about his potential business debt situation and possible Rothschild connections. This article has opened up another possible angle to the whole wretched situation. Thanks.
    And of course, for those still blindly hoping about voting in change by endorsing the the lesser of two evils, the lesser evil is still evil and not going to fix America.

    1. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat Remember Obama, Remember Obama

      doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome is insanity.

      Shock treatments work LOL

  2. The Donald, slickster supreme, could sell freezers to eskimos. The guy always talks a “huge” game and then he can’t even get it up, if you know what I mean.

    Now, he wants to be the POTUS. He’d never dream of doing anything as POTUS to enrich himself, and, if you believe that, let me tell you a story about the tooth fairy.

    Donald Trump is all about himself, always has been, always will be. He could give a rat’s arse about us, sell us down the river, and retire on his private island guarded by his private security.

    Of course, you can always vote for Hillary! She would never dream of enriching herself!!!!

  3. The elites put forth the choices, not the people. You vote for their choices. I believe Hitler’s big crime was putting a Rothschild in jail. They never forgot and destroyed Germany to send a message. History shows, normal people get killed at the whim of the Rothschild’s. Maybe Trump can keep American’s alive; maybe he can’t. I’m not crazy with Trump’s zio connections and sycophant behavior, but he is still better than Clinton.

  4. We have in the “construction world,” have known and always seen who he really is a scumbag. Great job JR, “NO EGO ONLY COMMON SENSE!”

  5. Tramp, sorry Trump, always wants his way and nothing else. What the frell is he going to do IF he gets the WH. If congress does not let him have his way, he will pull a Berry and do an EO

  6. Thanks for reading it, everyone, and thanks for the feedback. (but if I stay on this page too long they’ll get another virus in here)

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