‘Truth Is Treason’ – The Torture Of Julian Assange


Streamed live on Oct 22, 2019

Wikileaks publisher Julian Assange appeared before a UK judge to request more time to prepare his case against the US extradition request. Acting more like a Soviet tribunal, the judge went on to deny his every request. He is not allowed to prepare to fight his extradition. Even though Assange has served his time for “jumping bail,” the British court ruled that he must remain in prison. His shocking mental and physical condition after being held for months in UK’s notorious Belmarsh prison only confirms the UN torture official’s assessment that he is being tortured by the US and UK governments. Why? For publishing the truth. The lesson to others is clear: challenge the global US military empire and you will be destroyed.

4 thoughts on “‘Truth Is Treason’ – The Torture Of Julian Assange

    1. During campaign, Trump- I love wikileaks

      Asked after campaign, Trump- I don’t know much about wikileaks.

      Flip flop, flip flop, LIAR.

      1. Red tie, an American flag pen on his lapel and perfectly white teeth. FKG comic book character….

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